Access Guide

City of Unley's Access Guide provides information that will assist you to navigate the City of Unley with ease. Information includes the locations of:
  • Public transport options and stops
  • Disabled parking and toilets
  • Parks and playgrounds
Unley access guide

Community Bus

The Unley Community Bus is funded by the City of Unley and driven by trained and accredited volunteers.

A Hire Service is available to community and not-for-profit organisations. For further information phone 8372 5131.

Please note: The Unley Community Bus Shopping Centre and Fixed Route Services do not operate on Sundays or public holidays or operate between December 25 and January 1 (inclusive).
  • Shopping Bus Door-to-Door Service
    This service is provided for residents of the City of Unley who require assistance to visit a shopping centre. The Community Bus takes passengers to and from: 
    • Unley Shopping Centre
    • Castle Plaza
    • Mitcham Shopping Centre
    • Burnside Shopping Centre

    Cost $3 contribution (please bring correct money)

    Bookings Phone bookings are ONLY taken on the day prior to each trip between 9am-3pm. Phone the Bus Coordinator on 8372 5131.

    Support A volunteer accompanies the driver to help passengers with their shopping bags. Only 2 shopping bags per passenger may be carried on the bus. This bus is equipped to carry passengers with a disability.  Any passenger who needs to take a walking stick, walking frame or other mobility aid with them on the bus must inform the community bus coordinator when booking.

    Shopping Bus Timetable The shopping bus runs on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Passengers are picked up from their home from 9.15am, returns from 12.30pm. (Times are approximate).

    Unley Shopping Centre
    • Tuesdays: 4 & 18 July, 1 & 29 August, 12 & 26 September, 10 & 24 October, 7 & 21 November, 5 & 19 December 
    • Fridays: 30 June, 14 & 28 July, 11 & 25 August, 8 & 22 September, 6 & 20 October, 3 & 17 November, 1, 15 & 22 December

    Castle Plaza
    • Tuesdays: 27 June, 11 & 25 July, 8 & 22 August, 5 & 19 September, 3,17 & 31 October, 14 & 28 November, 12 December

    Burnside Shopping Centre 
    • Fridays: 21 July, 18 August, 15 September, 13 October, 10 November, 8 December

    Mitcham Shopping Centre
    • Fridays: 7 July, 4 August, 1 & 29 September, 27 October, 24 November
  • Fixed Route Service
    The Fixed Route service is available for all residents of the Unley Council area.  Accredited volunteers drive the community bus which operates on a fixed circuit three times a day (Monday to Saturday). Timetables for the east and west circuits are available below.
    Community Bus East Circuit Timetable
    Community Bus West Circuit Timetable

Community Transport Courtesy Car


Goodwood Community Bank - branch of Bendigo Bank provides a courtesy car free of charge to the City of Unley. Volunteer drivers use the car as part of the Community Transport Program, supporting Unley council residents who are transport disadvantaged. The service is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, mainly transporting residents to medical appointments as well as social activities held in council community centres.

Transport assistance is available to CHSP eligible residents living in the City of Unley. If you, or someone you know, would like to be involved in this program a My Aged Care (MAC) referral is required. Please contact MAC on 1800 200 422. Alternatively, phone the City of Unley on 8372 5111.

The Goodwood Community Bank-branch of Bendigo Bank is about community for the community. 50 per cent of their profit goes back to the community, such as provision of this car. Visit the Goodwood Community Bank website for information on the support they offer or phone 8357 7702.

Sharrow Symbols

Road users across Unley will notice the installation of shared lane markings, known as ‘sharrows’, appearing on our streets.

Sharrows are designed to help motorists and cyclists safely share and navigate streets. The sharrows show cyclists where they need to turn to follow a route, encourages cycling within the lane (helping to keep cyclists away from car doors and parked vehicles) and informs motorists of the likely presence of cyclists.
Council is currently installing these symbols in approximately 150 streets along our bike routes. Depending on weather, all symbols are due for installation by the end of August.
  • Can I park next to sharrows?

    Yes, the presence of sharrow symbols does not mean you are not allowed to parallel park on that road. Please be mindful of parking restrictions and check nearby signage.

  • Can I drive my car down a road with sharrow symbols?

    Yes, sharrows are not bike lanes and are not exclusive for cyclists to ride on. A road marked by sharrows is shared by both motorist and cyclists and the symbols help remind all users to keep an eye out for each other.

Unley Bicycle User Group

The Unley Bicycle User Group (UBUG) is a contact group for those who cycle or wish to cycle in Unley. UBUG are dedicated to making Unley a place where walking and cycling is an enjoyable, safer, and more effective transport option.

To find out more, visit the Unley Bicycle User Group’s webpage.