Wards & Councillors

Ward Map

Elected Members


Lachlan Clyne
0427 132 494 mayor.clyne@unley.sa.gov.au

Fullarton Ward

Anthony Lapidge
0416 141 817


Peter Hughes
0439 837 335

Clarence Park Ward

Jennie Boisvert
8232 0345


Don Palmer
0414 820 773

Goodwood Ward

Luke Smolucha
0422 669 253

Bob Schnell
8293 5680
Parkside Ward

Mike Hudson
8357 7496

John Koumi
0409 692 034

Unley Park Ward

Rob Sangster
0408 032 648

Michael Rabbitt
0415 714 567
Unley Ward

Michael Hewitson AM
8271 9731

Rufus Salaman
8271 7126

Council Elections

Councils are part of the democratic framework of Australia and the community gets the chance to elect its Council Members every four years.

City of Unley Council Elections provide an opportunity to vote for candidates who will represent your community. You can also nominate to stand for election as a Council Member.

The most recent Council Elections were held in November 2014.

The rules for elections are set out in the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 - an act of the South Australian Parliament.

  • How the Elections Work

    All Local Government elections are conducted using the counting system known as proportional representation. In summary, a candidate is elected when a quota or predetermined proportion of the total number of formal ballot papers cast is obtained.

    To find out more about the elections and how the voting system works, visit the Electoral Commission SA's Council Election Fact Page.

  • Enrolling to Vote

    At the time of council elections, if you are already on the State Electoral roll (in this Council area) to vote in State elections then you will automatically be on the Council voters roll and will receive voting papers by post.

    However, if you are a landlord, business lessee or resident non-Australian citizen you will no longer be automatically included on the Council roll. 
    If you wish to vote in Council elections you are now required to enrol by completing the appropriate enrolment form.

    Resident not on the State Electoral roll or a Sole Owner or Sole Occupier 

    Use this Application for Enrolment when owner or occupier is a person.

    Business or Organisation, Sole Owner or Occupier 

    Use this Application for Enrolment for Body Corporates A designated person is required to vote on behalf of the Body Corporate.

    Group of Owners or Occupiers 

    Use this Application for Enrolment for property owned or occupied by more than one person and/or a business/organisation. A designated person is required to vote on behalf of the Group.