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Waste and Recycling

For all bin repairs or maintenance, missed collections, theft, hard refuse bookings and other collection enquiries please phone 8159 5059.

collection calendar 2015

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Collection Calendar 2015

unley embraces ecobums

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View the Ecobums page(2370 kb)


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Consider ways to reduce food waste in your home

Food scraps
Good to go

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All Food Scraps... are Good to Go!(527 kb)
Kitchen Caddy and Compostable Liners

recycling and waste collection service

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Green Organics Bin
Recycling Bin     
Household Waste Bin
View the Waste and Recycling Guide
Application Form for Additional Bin(s)(201 kb)

business cardboard and plastics recycling

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View the Business Cardboard and Plastics Recycling page


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View the Composting Bins page
How compost works in your garden(375 kb)

hard rubbish

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View the Hard Rubbish page

hazardous waste and tricky items

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View the Hazardous Waste and Tricky Items page (3874 kb)
Puzzled about what to do with Polystyrene/foam?(252 kb)


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View the E-Waste page(1216 kb)
E-Waste Information Flyer  (1.1 mb)
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