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Water Wise

Where Our Water Comes From

In the early days before any Government waterworks were undertaken, water was obtained from the River Torrens, near a ford opposite the Adelaide Boatshed, by bailing it into tanks from where it was hawked around the city, and sold at 1 shilling per 100 gallons (455 litres). The Gold Rush of 1852 changed all that with many water carters going off to seek their fortunes.

In 1913, the City of Unley Mayor was quoted as saying, "when the Brown Hill Creek was running we travelled to its banks and carried water to our homes in buckets." Reverend John Blackett, City of Unley Mayoral Report 1913

On average Adelaide receives 45% of its water from the River Murray but this figure can be as high as 90% in drought year. More than 90% of the water currently used in and around Adelaide is sourced from three key sources, the River Murray, the Adelaide Hills catchments and various groundwater resources.

Only 3% of the world's water supply is fresh water and of this only 0.3% is surface water that is available for use, most is locked up in ice caps and glaciers and ground water.

Further Information

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