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Unley receives $2.6m for stormwater projects

11 November 2009

The City of Unley will receive grant funding of just under $2.6 million from the Federal Government's Stormwater Funding Initiative to undertake stormwater harvesting and reuse projects.

The seven projects involved will cost a total of $5.17 million, with the City of Unley meeting half the total cost. The projects include:

  • 1. Ridge Park ($1.145m): Capture and harvesting of approximately 20ML of stormwater via Glen Osmond Creek system into a detention system.
  • 2. Goodwood Orphanage Reserve ($938,000): Capturing approximately 30 - 40ML of stormwater from Brownhill Creek system via a diversion weir, harvested into underground tanks prior to injecting into an ASR scheme for future use on the Orphanage Reserve, Goodwood Oval and Millswood sport grounds and other local public spaces.
  • 3. Wayville Reserve ($512,000): Capture and harvesting of approximately 30ML of stormwater from the Brownhill Creek system into underground storage tanks prior to injection into an ASR scheme for future use on the reserve and other local public spaces.
  • 4. Johnstone Terrace - Wayville Showgrounds ($270,000): Capturing stormwater to an underground storage tank system with a 310,000 KL capacity linking existing innovative roof water capture and storage systems at the Adelaide Showgrounds (the largest stormwater capture tank in Adelaide). When combined and treated the water will meet all street vegetation needs along the showgrounds, including irrigation of a section of Greenhill Road median strip.
  • 5. Goodwood Oval Pipeline ($251,000): Construction of an 750m underground pipeline from Goodwood Orphanage to Goodwood Oval to facilitate the use of stormwater to irrigate Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sports Complex - saving approximately 25 ML potable water per annum
  • 6. Souter Park ($500,000): The capture, harvesting and reuse of stormwater to irrigate Souter Park and associated playing fields that currently utilise 100% mains water - saving 3ML mains/River Murray water per annum. This project provides innovative design (bioretention swales) to enhance water quality for discharge back to the environment.
  • 7. Wattle Street ($1.57m): The capture, harvesting and reuse of approximately 5 ML of stormwater within suburbia to minimise seasonal flooding and provide a safer urban environment for the business and local community.

City of Unley Mayor Richard Thorne said Unley Council was seeking to provide alternative sources of water for its numerous parks and reserves.

"We are working with all agencies at local, state and federal government levels to reduce Unley's demand for potable water," Mayor Thorne said.

"The city's Sustainable Irrigation Plan envisages returning our open space to pre-water restriction standards whilst reducing our reliance on potable water from 72Ml to 5Ml. In addition, since 2005 we have reduced our water demand in parks through prudent management and more efficient irrigation equipment and philosophies.

"The ultimate objectives of this project is to do everything we can at a local government level to ensure the health of the River Murray and other ground water/creek systems can be increased," Mayor Thorne added.

"The City of Unley also recognises the need to be part of an integrated and national approach to the planning and management of water resources - this project seeks to become the rule rather than the exception."

Key factors in undertaking the projects include the necessity to enhance biodiversity; improve in-stream water quality; and reduce the discharge of sediments and nutrients to receiving waters. All projects will identify best practice features showcasing the best techniques in stormwater treatment, design and reuse providing a model of future engineering in an urban environment.

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