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Clarence Park Biodiversity Garden

The Biodiversity Garden is located at the Clarence Park Community Centre which is a 1920's bungalow style house that is known as the house next door.

Clarence Park Biodiversity GardenAlthough not a replica of the original Black Forest, the Garden features local native plants that would have been found in the original Black Forest.

As only 2% of original vegetation remains on the Adelaide Plains, this Garden is of significant importance and acts as a genetic material repository for local indigenous plants.

The garden is not intended to be a miniature replication of the original Black Forest but rather a demonstration garden that uses local native indigenous plants, which can be appreciated by the community. A variety of 30-40 plants of different size, colour and movement have been chosen that can be planted in most home gardens. Click here for further information on Unley's Native Plants.

The Garden's other environmental features include a rainwater tank and photovoltaic cells.

The 900L rainwater tank captures water from the roof and it's overflow goes into the Garden and the aquifier system. The tank's water is used to flush to toilets which are gravity fed. The use of tanks has the potential to save approximately 28% (22kL) of mains water used per year.

Water saving devices at the Clarence Park Community Centre include a AAA tap aerator which has reduced tap flow to 9 litres per minute, Aqualoc tap washers which has reduced tap flow to 6 litres a minute and a timing device for the kitchen water heater so it only heats when there is a demand for the water.

The Clarence Park Community Centre als has three solar (photovoltaic) cells

Photovoltaic Cells

  • The 1440 watt grid connected system provides enough electricity to power the house next door with 2500 kWh per year, an estimated saving of $300 per year and 2 tonnes per year of carbon dioxide.
  • Over the Christmas break when the Centre is not open, the electricity meter turns anticlockwise or backwards where electricity is put back into the national electricity grid system.

Three solar cells were installed and funded by the City of Unley and the Australian Greenhouse Office.

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