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  • Rates Information

    Rates are Council’s main source of income required to deliver services and maintain the infrastructure required by our community. In setting the rates for the financial year, Council considers the current economic climate, specific issues faced by the community, the impact o...

  • Readers' Advisory Lounge

    Come in, have a seat, this is where you'll find a good book, hear about a great film, and find some tools to locate that next great read. Keep an eye out as the Lounge is going to expand. If you have any book reviews, or suggestions for the Readers Lounge, don't hesitate to...

  • Reconciliation Statement

    The City of Unley recognises that the Kaurna people are the traditional owners and occupiers of the land that now comprises the City of Unley. We apologise for the pain, the grief and suffering experienced by Australian Indigenous people as a result of past laws, gove...

  • Recycling & Waste

    Council offers several options for recycling and waste disposal; including kerbside collections, hard rubbish collections and a range of other services to support our community. Bins are collected Monday to Friday, including all public holidays except Good Friday, Christma...

  • Reducing Waste

  • Reducing Waste

  • Request a House History

  • Request for School Visits

  • Request for School Visits (1)

    Thank you for your request.  We will be in contact shortly to arrange details. Back to Unley Libraries.

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