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Unley Civic Complex Redevelopment

In line with its vision to rejuvenate the Unley Central Precinct, the Council late last year voted to investigate a possible redevelopment of the Unley Civic Complex, in the hopes it would spark interest and encourage others to embark on new developments and activities in the Precinct. 
Although Council had agreed not to start engaging with the Community about the possible project until after the Development Plan Amendment work had been completed and the planning policies for the area were known, there has been significant concern from a section of the community and various forms of communication directed towards the Council opposing the potential redevelopment.
In light of these concerns, Mayor Lachlan Clyne put forward a motion at the February Council meeting to stop any further action towards investigating a potential redevelopment of the site. This motion was adopted by Council after spirited debate.
How does this impact the Unley Central Development Plan Amendment?
The end of investigations into a possible redevelopment of the Unley Civic Complex is unrelated to the Unley Central Development Plan Amendment (DPA).
The DPA is about framing the Planning Policy for the area; it is not about individual projects. Council needs to amend the Development Plan to ensure that the development principles align with the City of Unley’s vision for the future of the precinct. 
Council will consider the Draft DPA for Unley Central at its meeting on Monday 27 March, 2017.