Tricky Items

Residents of the City of Unley can drop off small quantities of engine oil, batteries, fluoros, globes and mobile phones at the Works Depot, 75 King William Road, Unley. (Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm). Our Civic Centre and Community Centres also accept batteries and mobile phones. 

Our Civic Centre and Community Centres also accept batteries and mobile phones.

Visit the Zero Waste SA website for options on:


E-waste (electronic waste) is any item with a battery or an electrical cord.

If you have an electronic product that is still usable, consider donating it to a community group, charity, friend or family member in preference to recycling it.
E-Waste Recycling (TVs & Computers)

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme provides householders and small business with access to FREE drop-off locations for recycling electronic items.  It is not designed to receive commercial quantities of electronic waste.
A maximum of 15 items will be accepted. Schools and larger businesses will need to make their own private arrangements
Your nearest location:
Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre, 181 Morphett Road, North Plympton
Phone  8295 5077.

There are also numerous other sites across metropolitan and regional South Australia that will accept old TVs and computers free of charge.

Items accepted
 Computer towers
 Computer monitors
 Other computer peripherals (cords, batteries, etc.)
What happens to it then?
Once received at one of the registered drop off locations, all material will be sent for recycling as part of the National Recycling Scheme for Televisions and Computers.

All items are carefully pulled apart to recover the items of value (small amounts of gold, copper and recyclable glass and plastic) and hazardous components are safely captured (including lead, mercury, arsenic).

The recyclable components are then sent to be made into new products.
Other E-Waste
Residents of Unley Council can also dispose of other E-Waste items for FREE, along with televisions and computers at:
Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre, 181 Morphett Road, North Plympton.
Phone  8295 5077.
Please Note:  Proof of residence is required.
Items accepted
 White Goods (refrigerators, dryers &washing machines)
 Home Office equipment (printers, scanners, toner & ink cartridges)
 Mobile phone handsets & chargers
 Entertainment equipment (computer game consoles, DVD or VCR players, stereo & hi-fi equipment, digital & video cameras)
 Small appliances (vacuum cleaners, kettles, hair dryers & toasters)


Hazardous Waste

FREE Hazardous waste drop-off days in Unley
Green Industries SA (formerly Zero Waste SA) has previously funded towards drop-off days for residents of Cities of Unley & Mitcham on alternate years – dependant on available funding. 

If an event is scheduled for Cities of Unley & Mitcham in in the future, it will be advertised locally and on the Green Industries SA website.
Green Industries South Australia (GISA) Depot
Hazardous waste must not be put into your household waste bin.

Green Industries SA provides a service for the collection of hazardous household wastes and farm chemicals at the GISA depot operated at Dry Creek. The depot is open from 9am-12pm on the first Tuesday of each month (including public holidays).

This service is only available to householders and farmers. The EPA depot will not accept wastes from businesses.

The GISA Depot is located at the corner of Magazine Road and Henschke Street, Dry Creek.
Important note: medical waste also has specific licensing and management requirements and is not part of this collection.
Hazardous waste queries
For further queries, please contact Green Industries South Australia on (08) 8204 2051 or visit the Zero Waste SA website. 
Items the Zero Waste - Hazardous Waste Facility will accept (for household quantities)
 Gas bottles
 Pool chemicals
 Solvents (such as paint thinners)
 Waste oil
Items the Zero Waste - Hazardous Waste Facility will not accept
 Ammunition or explosives (contact the Police 131 444)
 Asbestos (contact EPA or Department of Administrative & Information Services)
 Pressurised gas cylinders (contact the EPA)
 Radioactive materials (contact the EPA Radiation Branch)
 Tyres (see Planet Ark for drop-off locations)