E-Scooter trial in Unley


The City of Unley has become the third council in South Australia to welcome a trial of E-Scooters, which commenced in February 2022. The trial duration was initially for six months and was extended for a further six months until 14 February 2023.

At its 23 January 2023 Council meeting, elected members voted to continue the trial until 14 February 2024. 

You can read about the trial's evaluation below under  'Trial history and key documents'.

Please refer to Council's Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 235KB) to know more.  There are also FAQ documents produced by both E-Scooter companies on their websites.

The E-Scooter companies

Neuron Mobility and Beam Mobility are the two operators.

If anyone has a specific concern about E-Scooters in their area or wishes to report a problem, please contact either company directly by phone or email, or via their websites.

Neuron (Orange) Customer Support                                    

Phone: (08) 7444 4676                                                                   

Email: adelaidecbdsupport@neuron.sg

Website: rideneuron.com

Beam (Purple) Customer Support

Phone: (08) 7079 0518

Email: teamsupportau@ridebeam.com

Website: ridebeam.com

Areas of operation

The area of operation for the e-scooter trial encompasses the whole of Unley.  However, there are a number of Exclusion and Go-Slow Zones (10 km/h) along key streets which have high pedestrian volumes and/or outdoor dining.  These are listed below.

Exclusion Zone - no riding of E-Scooters on:

  • King William Road between Albert Street and Mitchell Street

Go Slow Zones - E-Scooters are speed-limited on:

  • George Street between Marion Street and Oxford Terrace
  • Duthy Street between Clifton Street and Fisher Street and Sheffield Street and Austral Terrace
  • Unley Road between Greenhill Road and Park/Wattle Streets
  • Goodwood Road between Greenhill Road and Mitchell Street
  • Fullarton Road between Cheltenham Street and Invergowrie Avenue.

Go Slow Zones also apply on all roads under Department of Infrastructure & Transport (DIT) care and control (state roads), including Cross Road, Anzac Highway, Greenhill Road, South Road, Glen Osmond Road, Unley Road, Goodwood Road and Fullarton Road.

Where else can I ride E-Scooters?

The State Government's Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) has created an excellent resource with road rules and maps for all zones where you can operate an E-Scooter. You will see a drop-down list of the Council areas, and you can click on the maps to make them bigger for easy reference.


Council has the following primary objectives in trialling E-Scooters which include:

  • providing a sustainable, alternative, competitive mode of transport to replace short vehicle trips across Unley and to and from the City of Adelaide
  • offering residents and workers the opportunity to travel more easily east-west across Unley to/from key entertainment, business and community precincts
  • providing improved first mile/last mile connections to/from key public transport nodes and destinations
  • providing greater transport choices to special events (such as the Royal Adelaide Show or Fringe Festival)
  • collecting data to better understand movement patterns within and around the City of Unley
  • supporting DIT in evaluation of E-Scooter transport in an inner-rim suburban environment
  • supporting DIT in understanding E-Scooter rider behaviour on low speed, low-trafficked residential roads, with provision of rider pattern data
  • supporting increased opportunities for economic development and business partnerships.

Trial history and key documents

The City of Unley's interest in trialling E-Scooters was first explored during 2019, but commenced during 2021. You can read about these discussions by accessing any of the following links to Council Agendas and Minutes. We will keep this information updated as the current E-Scooter trial progresses. 

  • Notice of Motion from Councillor S. Dewing re investigation into feasibility of introducing E-Scooters in Unley and Eastern Region Alliance Councils - Council Meeting February 2020 (Item 5.1.2 - page 162)
  • Investigation into feasibility of introducing E-Scooters in City of Unley and Eastern Region Alliance Councils - Council Meeting May 2020 (Item 4.2 - page 77)
  • E-Scooter Trial in the City of Unley - Council Meeting January 2021 (Item 4.2 page 29)