Park Adelaide App

The City of Unley is excited to partner with both the Cities of Adelaide and Marion to be part of the expanded coverage of the Park Adelaide App.

Using real-time data and sensors, the Park Adelaide App will help residents and visitors find free parking at Unley’s popular shopping, food and recreation destinations, where Council has introduced smart technology: King William Road and Heywood Park. 

Download the Park Adelaide App from either the iOS App Store or Google Play and use it across all three council areas.

park adelaide app icon      App Store Google Play icons

Using smart technology and in-ground parking sensors, the Park Adelaide App is a helpful resource for motorists by removing the uncertainty about parking availability.

The use of smart parking spaces will benefit both visitors and local business.

By displaying the spaces that are available in real-time, motorists can pre-plan their visits to these key locations and secure a park easily and quickly.

Reducing the time drivers spend locating a park can potentially lead to more time spent in these locations, helping to share the use of open spaces and support local business. 

Council can also view the parking usage data to help improve the motorists' experience.  Analysing patterns of behaviour can help Council make future, informed decisions on parking infrastructure that help drivers find parks easily, and time limits that encourage turnover for the benefit of businesses and other visitors.   

To find available parking at these smart parking locations, open the app and select King William Road or Heywood Park.  The coloured markers (red, green and amber) indicate the number of parks that are available.

Smart Parking App screen King William Road

Tapping a map marker will give you more information about the parking controls in that area. This includes hours of operation and time limits.

The City of Unley parking locations displayed in the app are free and no payment is required. However, once logged into the app, you can receive notifications for when your parking time-limit is about to expire.

Council envisions that the number of parks listed on the App will grow over time as opportunities to extend the smart parking technology become available.