Apply for the Daily Moves program

Step 1.Read the research information sheet

Daily Moves is funded by the Australian Sporting Commission who have commissioned University of Sydney to evaluate all funded programs. Participation in the research component of the program is voluntary, and we will only release your data to the university if you consent to it on the Application Form.

You can learn more about this research by reading the Information sheet.(PDF, 253KB)  

Step 2.Complete the application form

Fill out the application online. We can post it to you if you prefer.

Apply now

Step 3.Contact your General Practitioner

We require all participants to have a conversation with their GP and fill out a form about physical activity, prior to having their fitness assessment with us. You can access the GP Form below. You will be required to present the completed and signed form on or before your fitness assessment with us. We can post a copy of this form to you if you prefer.  

Daily-Moves-Letter-to-GP.pdf(PDF, 112KB)

Step 4.Wait to hear from us

Once we receive your application form we will contact you to book in your 60min fitness assessment.  We conduct assessments one on one in various council venues, or in the home for those that prefer.