Age friendly streetscapes


Walking, one of the best forms of physical activity, is heavily influenced by a well-planned and maintained streetscape. We know that people are more likely to walk if the route is safe, amenable, comfortable and sheltered.

The Age Friendly Streetscape Project seeks to create a network of streets across the City of Unley that have well designed and maintained footpaths, are accessible for all, and have plenty of seating and shade. 


Discover our friendly streetscape guidelines

The City of Unley has developed Age Friendly Streetscape Guidelines(PDF, 2MB) to consider in all redevelopments of streets and open spaces.

Locate Age Friendly Streetscapes

  • Burnham Avenue, Myrtle Bank
  • Ferguson Avenue between Glen Osmond and Fullarton Roads
  • Fisher Street, Fullarton and Myrtle Bank
  • Goodwood Road between the tram line and Angus Street
  • Leader Street, Wayville
  • Lily and Ophir Streets between Goodwood and King William Roads
  • Young Street between Unley and King William Roads continuing into Trevelyan Street.

Community Walkability Checklist

You can help provide feedback on the walkability of your neighbourhood using the new Heart Foundation Community Walkability Checklist. This is a national tool for assessing the walkability of neighbourhoods and each completed checklist can provide structured feedback on facilities and infrastructure. Data from the checklist will help the Heart Foundation collate information from across the country on where improvements are needed and importantly where neighbourhoods are doing well

The Heart Foundation has recently updated its a national tool for the community to assess how walkable their neighbourhood is, by rating elements of their environment. Fill out the checklist here: Community Walkability Checklist Editable(PDF, 1MB).

Age Friendly Citizen Science


The City of Unley is partnering with UniSA in a new Citizen Science project. Individuals over the age of 60 who are out and about in their community are now attending a series of workshops run by UniSA researchers, at which they are sharing their experiences to help co-design age friendly public spaces to promote health and wellbeing, social engagement and engagement with the environment.

After helping to design a new tool to measure the age friendliness of local neighbourhoods and community spaces, the participants will get to  trial the audit tool for 6 weeks using their smart phones or disposable camera. The results of the study will be provided to the council and the Office for Ageing Well to improve the age friendliness of South Australian communities.

For more information and future opportunities to be involved contact the research team:
Dr Helen Barrie:  8302 1353 or
Dr Kelly McDougall:   8302 1650 or