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SALA in Unley 2022

 SALA 22.jpg     

Naturescape exhibition by Rosie Field at Hughes Gallery, Fullarton Road, Fullarton.

Photograph by James Field

SALA in Unley 2022

Welcome to SALA in Unley 2022.

Discover art in a local gallery, shop, business or studio. Discover emerging artists, established artists, community groups, visual art, sculptures, ceramics, photography, mixed media, and much more….

This year’s South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival runs throughout August, showcasing South Australia's visual artists’ talent and creativity. The SALA Festival celebrates local community and diversity.

Over the past 16 years, SALA in Unley has boasted as many venues and artists as any other metropolitan region and continues to maintain its popularity.

This year over 30 venues in the area host a myriad of artists in all different mediums.

 We have our own SALA in Unley app. Please download at izi.TRAVEL and look for the Unley part of the map on the front page. You can also find this information in the SALA Festival Program.

For other SALA events and activities and to plan your amazing visual arts itinerary  please go to

The City of Unley has proudly supported over 15 artists with registration subsidies this year.

To celebrate our long association with SALA Festival and to promote our Active Ageing Strategy, we have sponsored the Active Ageing SALA award for 7 years.  Watch this space to see us announce the winner receiving $ 2000 and a free gallery space in Unley for SALA 2023. Check out last year’s winner Rosie Field at the Hughes Gallery this year.

If you wish to know any more about this year’s SALA or future opportunities in the arts and culture space please contact Matthew Ives Cultural Development Coordinator 8372 5111 or


Adelaide Potters' Club

Adelaide Potters' Club.jpg

Exhibition Title: Adaptation

Location: Adelaide Potters' Club, 84 Edmund Ave, Unley

Dates: 6 -28 August, Sat-Sun 12-4pm

The Adelaide Potters’ Club is proud to present Adaptation, an exhibition of work by its talented and enthusiastic members. Functional and non-functional ceramics from cups and bowls to sculptural imaginings are manifested in clay using a variety of construction and firing techniques. Don't miss this Clayworks Award exhibition of lovingly hand-crafted ceramics by our members.

Annette Cramer

Annette Cramer.jpg

Exhibition title: Stories in Clay - by Land and Sea

Location: City of Unley Libraries, 181 Unley road, Unley

Dates: 1 -28 August

Annette Cramer’s Sala Exhibition, ‘Stories In Clay- By Land And Sea will be at the  Unley Library during August.  Her ceramic pieces are  inspired by natural elements.  With the addition of multiple glazes and carvings creating works of Art in Annette’s unique style. 

Dave Nettle

Dave nettle.jpg

Exhibition title: Parkside

Location: Duthy Street Deli, 6 Duthy st, Unley

Dates: 1-31  August

As a part of the SALA festival this year the City of Unley is pleased to inform you about Dave Nettles artworks. Dave Nettle is a visual artist based in Adelaide living on Kaurna land. Working mostly in watercolour and ink, he is interested in capturing life in the urban landscape… national parks in view of cities or forgotten corners of the city and the suburbs. He likes familiar scenes that can evoke a special memory. ‘Parkside’ aims to capture snapshots of living in Parkside. Making new stories in a historic suburb. 

Rosie Field

Rosie Field.jpg

Exhibition title: Naturescapes 

Location: Hughes Gallery, Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton.

Dates: 1-27 August

SALA  2021 Winner of the City of Unley Active Ageing Award, and City Rural Emerging Artist Award finalist, Rosie Field's Naturescape is a collection of ceramic stacks inspired by the beauty of nature.  Naturescape includes photography by James Field.

NDSP art collective

NDSP unmasked.jpg

Exhibition title: Unmasked

Location: NDSP Plan Managers (Adelaide Office), 48 Greenhill Rd, Wayville

Dates: 5-12 August

NDSP’s exhibition features over 120 artworks produced by a pool of talented artists with disability in collaboration with various support coordinators and organisations that are involved in the disability community. The pieces in display include paintings, ceramics, jewellery, sculptures, digital art, and photography.   

Alli Symons

Ali Symons .JPG

Exhibition title: Postcards

Location: Small Space Gallery, 26 Cromer Parade, Willswood

Dates: 1-28 August

There is a wonder in their spirit,

They will watch over you day by day,

They do not fly

Does it make you wonder why?

They take their spirit from this land, my land

Your land, our land

Australia we all belong.

Colleen Morrow

Colleen Morrow.jpg

Exhibition title: Linocut

Location: Colleen Home Studio

Dates: 6-28 August

Colleen loves to travel throughout South East Asia , and other exotic countries , where much of her inspiration comes from. She also has a passion for flowers and butterflies. Most of her linocut images come from my travels , and her garden. She has been printmaking for over fifty years, and have had many one woman exhibitions , in both Australia and overseas.

Arwen Flanagan

Arwen Flanagan.jpg

Exhibition title: My Cacti Addiction 

Location: The Golden Taco, 153 Unley road, Unley

Date: 1-31 August

Enter a magical world of colour and enjoy happy and whimsical folk art with a Mexican twist! I always come back to the most vibrant colours, patterns and nature in my art and I hope to inspire others to look for those many moments of happiness in our lives

Haley Wilson

Making Waves.jpg

Exhibition title: Little Creatures & Out of the Woods

Location of Little Creatures exhibit: Unley Civic Library, 181 Unley road, Unley 

Location of Out of the Woods exhibit: Goodwood Library, 101 Goodwood road, Goodwood

Dates: 1-31 August

Haley Wilson is an acrylic and mixed medium artist based in the Adelaide Foothills. Haley's debut solo exhibitions Little Creatures and Out of the Woods are abstract and whimsical, inspired by her love of nature and botanicals.

Jan Partington

Jan partington .jpg

Exhibition title: Art and Fashion fusion at Sydney Street

Location: Sydney Street, 310 Unley road, Hyde Park

Dates: 1-31 August

The fusion of art and fashion will showcase some of Jan’s modern take on traditional flowers as well as more contemporary pieces alongside over 50 labels of gorgeous fashion on show in store. 

Art Expression @ 123 Fisher

Exhibition title: Art Expression @ 123 Fisher

Location: Living Choice Fullarton, 123 Fisher St , Fullarton

Dates: 4-28 August

Emma Hack

Emma Hack.jpg

As a part of the SALA festival this year the City of Unley is pleased to introduce you to Emma Hacks artworks. For those interested in grabbing a bargain, there's a sale room of some lovely works in stock in the wonderful new space she has moved into. She is not advertising this sale, so the only way to access this sale is to pop in before September 3rd or connect with her over email.



The Ark Clothing Co

the ark clothing co.jpg

During the month of August The Ark Clothing Co will host artist Elizabeth Bowen and Angie Harrison as part of the South Australian Living Arts Festival. A past student of the ACSA, Elizabeth’s pieces are still life studies of florals and landscapes. And student of the ACSA, Angie’s works primarily focuses on portraiture, the figure and still life.

Join them for opening night for some champagne and nibbles.

From 6pm Thursday 18th August at The Ark Hyde Park 124 King William Road


Centennial Park

The Last Voyage by Warren Pickering.JPG

Title of exhibition: SALA in the Park

Dates: 1-31 August

Wander the peaceful grounds of Centennial Park and engage with the beauty of nature while viewing over a dozen permanent sculptures and a special selection of temporary ones from talented South Australian artists.

Other SALA in Unley exhibitions

Exhibition title: Meraki

Location: Arkaba Hotel, 150 Glen Osmond road, Fullarton

Dates: 28 July-31 August


Exhibition title: The Written Word

Location: Carmelite, 7 Spence Ave, Myrtle Bank

Dates: 5-26 August


Exhibition title: UnFurl

Location: Cerulean Studio, 3 Grantley Ave, Millswood

Dates: 1-28 August


Exhibition title: Good Things, Small Packages 

Location: Duthy Street Art Supplies Gallery, 6 Duthy St, Unley

Date: 12 August-8 September 


Exhibition title: Pastel, Oil, Encaustic & Watercolour

Location: Frame Works Plus Gifts, Shop 4, 84 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside

Dates: 1-31 August


Exhibition title: Cyano35

Location: Melt, 1/160 King William Rd, Hyde Park

Dates: 1-31  August


Exhibition title: Meow & Me

Location: MeowMe, 106 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside

Dates: 19 July-25 August


Exhibition title: Floral Love

Location: Mrs Sunshine Loves 16 Rosa St, Goodwood

Dates: 6 August-10 September


Exhibition title: Food for the Soul

Location: Red Dove Cafe, Corner of South Blvd and East Cres

Dates: 29 August-11 September


Exhibition title: KindergARTen

Location: Rise and Grind Cafe, 114 East Ave, Clarence Park

Dates: 1-31 August


Exhibition title: Medusa's Studio 

Location: See Someone Store and Studio, Shop 6, 89c Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

Dates: 3-31 August


Exhibition title: Postcards

Location: Small Space Gallery, 26 Cromer Parade, Millswood

Dates: 1-28 August


Exhibition title: My Story 

Location: Unley Park Baptist Church, 1 Northgate St, Unley Park

Dates: 6-21 August


Exhibition title: The Journey to South Australia

Location: Genealogy, 201 Unley Rd, Unley

Dates: 1-31 August


Exhibition title: Momento Mori

Location: Ginger Coffee Studio, 109 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

Dates: 1-31 August


Exhibition title: Art in the Heart of Goodwood

Location: Goodwood Road, Goodwood

Dates: 1-31 August


Exhibition title: Eclectic

Location: Goodwood Theatre and Studios, 166 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

Dates: 1-27 August


Exhibition title: Veins Of Nature

Location: Hoochi Mama, 5/89 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

Dates: 2-31 August


Exhibition title: Natures Treasures

Location: Kind William Road Chiropractic, 73 King William Road, Unley

Dates: Viewable 24/7


Exhibition title: Mindful Urth Works 

Location: Urth Clay Studio, 89 Goodwood, Goodwood

Dates: 6-7 August


Exhibition title: Wanderer

Location: Wilderstems, 89 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

Dates: 1-31 August


Exhibition title: Double take 

Location: The Annex, 21 Louisa St, Goodwood

Dates: 6-21 August





All (150) Connections to Unley Art Prize

All (150) Connections to Unley Art Prize was open to South Australian artists, of all ages and career stages, to create artworks on their personal connection to the City of Unley. 

all-150connections-to-unley-winner.jpg unleyartprize-close-up.jpeg

The winner of the All (150) Connections to Unley Art Prize 2021 is Charmaine Osborne for 150 seed pots for Unley green plots. Her artwork has been reproduced on selected public bins across the City of Unley.

Limted-edition stickers

A limited-edition sticker of Charmaine’s artwork is available for residents’ blue bins for Unley residents. Please visit the Unley Civic Centre to collect your special edition artwork or phone 8372 5111.

The winner of the Elected Member's Award goes to Elaine Magias. Visitors to the exhibition voted on the People's Choice, and the people chose Miguel Duque Cruz, Find me in the clouds.

Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists!

Artist in Residence Program

St Thomas School Artist in Residence Artwork 1 St Thomas School Artist in Residence Artwork 2

The Artist in Residence program takes place in the alternate year to the biennial All Connections to Unley Art Prize.

Local schools submitted proposals to produce artworks in conjunction with a professional artist. St Thomas Primary School’s proposal, to work with an Indigenous artist, was selected for our inaugural 2020 program.

54 students worked with artist Anna Dowling to produce two large canvases. Each student also produced their own canvas, based on Indigenous iconography chosen by the students and Anna. The two large canvases are on display in the school, creating a lasting legacy of this program. Individual canvases are on display in the school art rooms. Students will take them home at the end of the school year.

Thank you to Carclew, SALA Festival and Adelaide Central School of Art for their guidance and support to deliver this program.

Images Sam Oster/ Silvertrace

Tectonic - King William Road Public Artworks

The City of Unley’s latest public artworks, 'Tectonic', are on King William Road, created by the team of artists comprising Quentin Gore, Gregg Mitchell and Amy Joy Watson. Arising out of the Design King William Road project, the idea of major public artworks on King William Road came about due to the feedback from the co-design and community engagement process, which started in 2018.

The local community identified their desire for art and design that could play a role in creating a unique identify for King William Road and encouraging people to spend more time in the popular precinct.

Tectonic One

Tectonic Two  Tectonic Three

Responding to the written text: ‘Unbuilding Our Home’ from a book titled ‘The World Without Us’ by Alan Weisman, artists Gregg Mitchell, Quentin Gore and Amy Joy Watson explore what a world without us might look like through their individual, but linked, sculptural works.  

The artists consider the built environment we live in and place it in the context of the natural world, a subject that will only become more relevant with time. Timeless and elemental materials, granite and steel, which feature in each work, remind us of our place in time and our fragile relationship with planet earth.

With elegance, whimsy and subtlety, the works speak of our inherent connection to nature, time and, by association, the site of King William Road.

'Tectonic' can be found at three locations along the road, on the paved footpath areas in front of 84, 114 and 144 King William Road.

Tectonic One

Quentin Gore

144 King William Road

Tectonic One by Quentin Gore consists of two bulb-like forms made from local black Granite. The larger dimpled adult has sprouted and is heading skywards whilst its younger mate sits quietly alongside observing the passer-bys.

The work was designed to be touched. It speaks of the resilience of the natural world in the face of adversity and our increasingly fragile relationship with planet earth.

Tectonic One - Quentin Gore

Black Granite, Stainless Steel

1@ 300cm x 100cm x 100cm

1@ 100cm x 70cm x 70cm

Tectonic Two

Gregg Mitchell

114 King William Road

Tectonic Two by Gregg Mitchell is a work focused on the balance between nature and the urban environment through time and decay. The elongated table and chair with split granite boulders at the base and precariously nestled above, appear to have been thrust up from the earth below as one in a whimsical way, creating a tension between nature and the built form.

The interpretation of a William Morris wallpaper design sandblasted into the face of the granite infers fossil, while the climbing vine in the garden bed will wrestle with the form to make it home.

Over time the paint will fade, rust spots and stains may appear but the vine will grow, birds may nest and moss may grow on the granite documenting the push and pull between nature and our contemporary ways.

Tectonic Two - Gregg Mitchell

Black Granite, Painted Steel

350cm x 110cm x 110cm

Tectonic Three

Amy Joy Watson

84 King William Road

Inspired by geology and ‘deep time’ Amy Joy Watson has referenced banded rock formations in developing Tectonic Three. The bands or layers of strata speak of time; a significant part of Amy’s practice whose works are often laboriously hand stitched, and are a nod to the thousands of years it has taken for our surrounding landscapes to evolve.

With its bright colours and geometric form it could even be a meteorite that has landed from another world or perhaps a trace of an ancient landscape breaking through the surface of King William Road.

Tectonic Three - Amy Joy Watson

Black Granite, Painted Aluminium.

170cm x 120cm x 100cm

Getting involved in arts 

If you are an artist, performer or community organisation interested in arts and culture in your local community, please contact Cultural Development Officer Matthew Ives on (08) 8372 5134 or email