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Public notification allows neighbours and other interested parties to be notified about a development that may affect them, so that they have the opportunity to comment. By formally supporting or opposing a development, you can help influence the decision-making of an application.

Public notification categories are set by the state government’s Development Act 1993 and Regulations 2008:

  • Category 1 developments - no notification
  • Category 2 developments - adjacent land owners/occupiers only
  • Category 3 developments - adjacent land owners/occupiers, those directly affected and the general public via newspaper notice

If you have been notified of a proposed development you can make a representation in support of, or in opposition to, an application. Representations must be made in writing and must set out your case for supporting or opposing the proposed development.

Find out more about how to lodge a written representation. 

Listed below are the Category 2 and 3 applications currently on public notification.

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