Lodging a Written Representation

The process of public notification and consultation for development related matters allows the public and in particular, adjoining or nearby property owners, the opportunity to view development applications, consider any impacts the proposal may have on them and provide any comments about the proposal prior to a decision being made.

Representations should be lodged in writing.

Before you lodge a representation, please read the fact sheet below.

Preparing a representation(PDF, 105KB)

Any representation lodged shall state with reasonable particularity the reasons for the representation and whether the person making the representation wishes to be heard by the Council Assessment Panel.

Please note: pursuant to Section 38(8) of the Development Act a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response and will become a public document. All comments (including contact numbers and email addresses) will become public documents.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) website provides information in regards to the development assessment process.