Ridge Park Master Plan


The City of Unley commenced the Master Plan process to explore the community's vision for Ridge Park and guide future improvements. The Plan's focus is improving junior sport services for a range of local clubs, schools, and associations. Council is also looking to strengthen the biodiversity and environmental values of the Park and to improving stormwater harvesting and reuse.

A copy of the Final Master Plan can be accessed here(PDF, 3MB)

Ridge-Park-front-page.jpg(PDF, 3MB)

For more information on the adopted Council Report August 2022 Click here

Community Engagement

In 2021 Council undertook a range of consultation initiatives to understand the community's aspirations for the Park and to provide a clear vision for the future. The community was clear in their message that Ridge Park is already well loved due to the natural site qualities including open space, tree canopy, Glen Osmond Creek and biodiversity. The desire for change is therefore through a range of improvements to existing features rather than whole scale changes to the structure or character of the Park.

Through the consultation three key themes emerged which guided the development of the draft master plan.

  1. Junior Sport and Community Recreation
  2. Wilding, Storm Water Control and Harvesting
  3. Community Services, Facilities and Infrastructure

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Ridge Park 03

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