Other completed projects


Goodwood road upgrade

The popular Goodwood Road shopping and dining strip, between the tram line and Victoria Street, now boasts more greening, new street lights, brick paving, improved pedestrian crossings and wider more accessible footpaths accommodating more outdoor dining opportunities. 

The Goodwood library and community centre carpark has also been resurfaced and new trees have been planted in side streets intersecting with Goodwood Road as part of the works.

The Council engaged Forestville-based contractors Outside Ideas to undertake the civil and landscape works associated with the project along with Adelaide-based company Groundplay to supply street furniture.

Leader street streetscape renewal project – stage 1

Leader Street is an integral east-west collector road connecting Anzac Highway and Goodwood Road. Completed mid-2017, the Leader Street Streetscape Renewal Project has delivered upgrades to the road, footpaths and street trees between Anzac Highway and the railway line adjacent to Nairne Terrace.

Dedicated bicycle lanes for both directions, and additional beautification works, encourage more cycling and walking along Leader Street and its connecting routes. A funding grant from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board allowed additional greening and water sensitive works to be included in the project.

Raingardens along the street are designed to filter stormwater to remove pollutants that would otherwise enter our creeks and the ocean. The raingardens will filter approximately 5 million litres of stormwater a year, equivalent to two Olympic sized swimming pools of water. The new wider permeable footpaths have approximately 110 thousand litres of storage capacity. The water that falls on the footpath is soaked into the soil below, providing additional water for trees and vegetation in the street.