City-wide Parking Strategy

Three hour parking sign and cars along roadside

The City of Unley is undertaking the development of a city-wide parking strategy, comprising of two stages:

  • Stage 1 - the development of an overarching framework and decision-making principles, and
  • Stage 2 - the development of the Strategy in response to the overarching framework and decision-making principles agreed to in Stage 1.

The development of the city-wide parking strategy aims to empower the community to help shape the outcomes through Council’s new and innovative engagement process Shaping Unley. The city-wide parking strategy will be the first project to trial this innovative engagement approach, in partnership with consultant company democracyCo.

Stage 1 of the Strategy development aims to establish an overarching framework and set of key decision-making principles that will underpin the city-wide parking strategy. Topics to be considered include:

  • Parking management – time controls, smart parking, pay for use, travel behaviour change
  • Permits – resident, business, visitor
  • Narrow streets and driveways
  • Work zones and construction parking management.

The Shaping Unley process will empower the community to influence Council’s decision making. The more people that Council hears from regarding on-street parking experiences in the City of Unley, and your ideas on how parking can be improved, then the more genuine the process will be.

Parking strategy aims

The city-wide parking strategy aims to:

  • Provide a holistic and strategic framework to guide Council decision-making relating to managing on-street parking, including resident and business parking permits.
  • Provide a better balance of parking provisions for residents, businesses, shoppers, commuters and others.
  • Maximise the parking provisions already in place and deliver new provisions.
  • Better manage changes to parking demands over time.

Project update

The Phase 1 Issues and Ideas On-line Forum is now closed and was held between 11 April to 6 May 2022. Local residents and businesses across the City of Unley were encouraged to share their on-street experiences (good and bad) and ideas on how to improve parking management in the City of Unley. Through this consultation Council received 373 community responses including:

  • 137 submissions to the parking survey
  • 70 submissions to the ideas board 
  • 165 submissions to the map 
  • 1 written submission from Walking SA.

The responses from the Issues and Ideas On-line Forum will be provided to Unley’s first randomly selected Shaping Unley Community Panel of 24 residents and businesses (14 residents and 10 businesses) to develop an framework and set of decision-making principles to form the basis of the city-wide parking strategy.

The first ever Shaping Unley panel sessions will be held on the last week of May and in the first two weeks of June 2022.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Council developing a City-Wide Parking Strategy?

On-street parking is a limited resource with often competing user requirements and demands. Managing these competing demands can be difficult, particularly in a growing inner urban Council environment like Unley. Developing a clear, fair and equitable approach to managing on-street parking will make decision-making easier in the future and provide clarity to the community on why and how certain decisions are made.

What is Shaping Unley?

Shaping Unley is a comprehensive engagement process that the Council is trialling to explore complex and polarising policy issues facing the City's community. The city-wide parking strategy is the first topic to use this process.

Shaping Unley aims to establish a positive partnership with the community in developing the city-wide parking strategy by drawing on the community's on-street parking experiences and ideas respectfully and collaboratively.

Find out more about the Shaping Unley process.

Who will be on the Shaping Unley Panel?

The Shaping Unley Panel for the city-wide parking strategy will comprise of 24 Unley residents and businesses (14 residents and 10 businesses). 

The Panel selection process aimed for a randomly selected and diverse representation from the resident and business community. We wanted to hear from people who have concerns about parking, people who don't, people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences from a resident and business perspective.

The Panel members will be learning and sharing together - as they work to develop an over-arching framework and decision-making principles that will form the basis of the city-wide parking strategy.

The Community Panel workshop sessions will be held on the last week of May and in the first two weeks of June 2022.

Who is democracyCo?        

democracyCo are a local engagement company that specialises in collaborative and deliberative engagement. democracyCo believe that together we make better decisions. They create opportunities for all people to participate in solving the complex problems of our time by designing and delivering deliberative engagement processes. democracyCo have been supporting the City of Unley in the development of their Shaping Unley initiative.