Community Wellness Program - Ageing Well


This free seminar asks questions about our psychological health, and what we might be able to do to answer those for better wellbeing and happiness.

How does living through a pandemic and other social pressures impact our mental health - and how can we respond effectively?

How does 'mindfulness' help with coping strategies? What tools can we use to gain optimum general health and look after our mind?

These sessions are led by experienced, qualified professional psychologists from Mindful Pathways.

All wellbeing sessions offered by the Goodwood Community Services team are free, but bookings are essential - either by email or phone.

Book early because places will fill up fast!


  • Tuesday, 04 October 2022 | 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM


Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood   View Map

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