Wriggletime Online

 24 April 2020

Unley Libraries Wriggletime

Unley Libraries is offering Wriggletime online!

 Unley Libraries is offering an online version of our Wriggletime or Babytime sessions on Friday mornings at 10.30am. The videos are released on our YouTube channel and they feature the familiar faces of our Youth and Children's Team.

Sing and dance with us to our favourite songs. Wriggletime is aimed at toddlers who are ready to wriggle, dance and follow along with the actions. Our online sessions for babies and toddlers are designed to give you a sample of our on-site sessions and encourage early literacy, music and movement in your own home.

We use YouTube, so you can access our videos with your smart TV or device and share the experience with your child in your own home.

This week we have Wriggletime with Amelia & Caitlin.

Join us each week for a new Babytime or Wriggletime session and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for new weekly videos.