Storytime - Pirates and Princesses

23 September 2020

Unley Libraries Storytime

Storytimes are at 10.30am on Tuesdays at the Unley Town Hall; and at 10.30am at Goodwood Library on Thursdays.

If you can't make it to our on-site sessions you can join in by watching our recorded versions online. Collect a themed craft pack from the library or download our craft templates.

Please note:
  • Bookings will be required for all people attending including yourself as well as your child/ren
  • Physical distancing requirements will be adhered to in all sessions
  • At Storytime, in lieu of an in-library craft session, a take-home craft pack will be provided.
  • Storytime will continue to be recorded once a week and put on our YouTube channel
  • Please stay home if you or your child are unwell. Take-home craft packs will still be available and you can access Storytime online.
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Week 10 - Pirates and Princesses

Ahoy, me hearties! Here's a swashbuckling story with some wise pirate advice for everyone. Have a giggle at our pirate songs and jokes. ��‍☠️


Kids craft example of two parrots made from coloured cardboard and paper, sitting on arms  

Make your own parrot pal  Download the template(PDF, 954KB)

How to be a pirate
Text © Isaac Fitzgerald 2020
Illustrations © Brigette Barrager 2020
Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books 2020
Accessed September 2020

 Week 9 - Make a Hat Day! 

 Did you know that today, 15 September 2020, is make a hat day?!? Tune in to our hat themed Storytime and don't forget to make a hat! 


Now it's your turn to make a hat! Perhaps you'd like to make a jester hat like ours? Download the template(PDF, 25KB) .

Library staff member holding books, pirate hat and wearing an example of the jester hat craft

Old Hat
Text and illustrations © Emily Gravett 2018
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2018
Accessed September 2020.

I Got This Hat
Text © Kate Temple and Jol Temple 2014
Published by ABC Books, 2014
Accessed September 2020.




Week 8 - Spring

������ Spring is in the air, and our Storytime today is all about the changes you might see as winter turns to spring. ������


Find some materials at home and get inspired to create your own spring flower garden. Practise tearing, cutting, folding and gluing while you make your craft. Download your template(PDF, 32KB).

Flower craft made of cardboard, patty pans, pipecleaner, buttons and pompoms.

The ABC Book of Seasons
Text © Helen Martin and Judith Simpson 2014
Illustrations © Cheryl Orsini 2014
Published by ABC Books 2014
Accessed September 2020

I Saw a Bee
Text and illustrations © Rob Ramsden 2019
Published by Scallywag Press 2019
Accessed September 2020.

Week 7 - Father's Day

Caitlin and Karyn read some books about dads for Father's Day. Karyn's dad jokes are hilarious.

This week we have a gorgeous Father's Day sloth craft. Download the template(PDF, 1MB) .

Fathers Day books with storytime sloth craft

My Papa is a Princess
Written and Illustrated by Doug Cenko © 2018
Published by Blue Manatee Press 2018
Accessed September 2020.

I Love My Daddy
Written by  Giles Andreae © 2011
Illustrated by
 Emma Dodd © 2011
Published by Orchard House 2011
Accessed September 2020.

Week 6 - Monster Mashup

 "But who is this creature with terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws?" �� Amelia & Karyn share two of the best ever monster picture books, as well as songs and amateur ukulele playing!

 Scribble monster craft examples and monster picture books

Create your very own scribble monster. Get your pencils, crayons and textas and scribble a monster shape in the middle of a piece of paper. Use as many colours as you like. Use our template to cut out and stick on eyes, ears, and noses. Give your monster a name and a scary or silly power.

Scribble monster template(PDF, 392KB)

The Gruffalo Text © Julia Donaldson 1999
Illustrations © Axel Scheffler 1999
Published by MacMillan Children's Books
Accessed August 2020

Go Away, Big Green Monster
Text and illustrations © Ed Emberly 1992
Published by Little, Brown and Company 2005
Accessed August 2020

Week 5 - Science Week (Oceans) 

Karyn and Caitlin are exploring the deep blue oceans for Science Week 2020. Our themed craft is the Australian flatback sea turtle.

Example of turtle craft made from cardboard and paper, pictured with sea creature books

 Download the flatback sea turtle craft here Turtle-template-and-colour-in.pdf(PDF, 253KB)

Louie and Snippy Save the Sea
Text © Collette Dinnigan
Illustrations © Grant Cowan
Published by Berbay Publishing Pty Ltd Australia 2020
(CBCA Shortlisted Book 2020)

Octopus Socktopus
Text and illustrations © Nick Sharratt
Published by Alison Green Books UK 2020

Silly Sea
Text and illustrations © Jack Tickle
Published by Caterpillar Books UK 2012


Week 4 - Cats and Dogs


We have cute cats and adorable dogs in our Storytime this week. Make your own cat/dog masks with our take-home craft packs.

Download your template(PDF, 378KB).

Bad Dog
Text and Illustrations © Mike Boldt, 2019
Published by Penguin, 2019
Accessed August 2020

My Dog Bigsy
Text and illustrations © Alison Lester 2019
Published by Penguin - Picture Puffin, 2019
Accessed August 2020


Week 3 - Toothy Tales 

���� Happy healthy smiles are the feature of this week's Storytime. Pick up a toothy craft from Unley and Goodwood Libraries (while stocks last), downloadable template coming soon. ����

The Little Bush Nurse: Mucky Ucky Teeth
Text copyright © Naomi Cook 2019
Illustrations copyright © Leigh Brown 2019
Published by Nurse Naomi Press
Accessed July 2020

Never Feed a Queen a Jellybean
Text copyright © Rosie Greening 2019
Illustrations copyright © Kali Stileman
2019 Published by Make Believe Ideas Ltd
Accessed July 2020


Week 2 - Numbers and Counting 


Amelia and Caitlin read a fantastic board book that teaches children to write the numbers from one to five. 

5 Wild Numbers
Text and illustrations by Bella Gomez © 2018
Published by Quarto UK, 2018
Accessed August 2020

Storytime craft counting


Download our counting carrots craft template NumbersCountingCraft_Carrots.pdf(PDF, 392KB)  

Enjoy these other counting stories:

Let's Count Goats!
Text copyright © Mem Fox 2010
Illustrations copyright © Jan Thomas 2010
Published by Beach Lane Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division Accessed April 2020


Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
Copyright © 1999 by James Dean (for the character of Pete the cat)
Text copyright © Eric Litwin, 2012
Illustrations copyright © James Dean 2012
Published by HarperCollins
Accessed April 2020.


Week 1 - Robots and Mermaids


Our first week back on site. Caitlin reads some fun books about robots and mermaids. You can download the templates for our Mermaid(PDF, 68KB) and Robot(PDF, 43KB) crafts.

Rusty the Squeaky Robot
Text and illustrations copyright © Neil Clark, 2018
Published by Murdoch Books, 2018
Accessed July 2020

Five Sparkly Mermaids
Text copyright © Christie Hainsby, 2020
Illustrations copyright © Dawn Machell, 2020
Published by Make Believe Ideas, 2020
Accessed July 2020



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