Storytime Live!

9 July 2020

Unley Libraries Storytime


We are streaming Live on Facebook, 10.30am, Tuesday 14 July. Tune in to interact with our amazing children's team.

Collect a craft pack in the Libraries.

If you can't make it at 10.30am, Facebook will keep the video and you can watch it at any time afterwards. Also, later in the week, we will upload a HD copy to our YouTube channel as we dual record the session.

Karyn and Jake read 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts and Hannah Peck. As part of Plastic Free July we looked at several environmental themed books and sang some songs about fish and jellyfish. We also said goodbye to Jake as this was his last storytime with the City of Unley Libraries.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley
Text copyright © Sarah Roberts, 2019
Illustrations copyright © Hannah Peck, 2019
Published by Scholastic, 2019 Accessed July 2020.

Other environmentally themed books we can recommend:

  • Earth Day by Emma Carlson Berne
  • A Climate in Chaos by Neal Layton
  • Baby Shark Adventure Downunder (Puffin Books)
  • My Friend Earth by Patricia MacLachlan
  • Jelly Boy by Nicole Godwin and Christopher Nelson (Walker Books, 2020)


 Amelia and Caitlin had a fantastic time celebrating our pretend birthday party!

Bake a Rainbow Cake
Text and Illustrations copyright © Amirah Kassem, 2020
Published by Abrams Appleseed, 2020
Accessed July 2020.

My Grandma is 100
Text copyright © Aimee Chan 2019
Illustrations copyright © Angela Perrini 2019
Published by Little Steps Publishing, 2019
Accessed July 2020. 

On 23 June it was all about ducks! Jake and Karyn had a great time quacking up over ducks.

Five Little Ducks
Illustrations copyright © Penny Ives 2002
Published by Childs Play (International) Ltd
Accessed June 2020. 

On 16 June 2020 Caitlin and Karyn had a great time with Bob and Flo: Hide and Seek by Rebecca Ashdown. There were penguins galore!


Bob and Flo: Hide and Seek
Text and Illustrations copyright © Rebecca Ashdown 2015
Published by Oxford University Press, 2016
Accessed June 2020.

On 9 June 2020 we Live streamed Karyn and Caitlin reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. We had a fantastic time with puppets and songs and we really enjoyed hearing from our Storytime children and their parents.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Text and Illustrations copyright © Eric Carle 1969
Published by Puffin Books, 2003
Accessed June 2020.

Our Storytime program is designed to extend your child's early literacy experience. Our online Storytime series highlights some of our favourite picture books, and gives you a taste of our on-site sessions.

We use YouTube, so you can access our videos with your smart TV or device and share the experience with your child.

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