Storytime Live - 'Bob and Flo: Hide and Seek'

16 June 2020

Unley Libraries Storytime

We are streamed Live on Facebook this morning. This week Caitlin and Karyn read Bob and Flo: Hide and Seek, by Author and Illustrator Rebecca Ashdown (published by Oxford University Press, 2016).

If you couldn't make it at 10.30am, Facebook has the video and you can watch it at any time afterwards. Also, we have uploaded a HD copy to our YouTube channel as we dual recorded the session.

Bob and Flo: Hide and Seek
Text and Illustrations copyright © Rebecca Ashdown
Published by Oxford University Press, 2016
Accessed June 2020.

Our next Storytime Live is scheduled for Tuesday 23 June at 10.30am. Rumour has it that it will involve ducks, so if you have a toy duck, join us on Facebook next week.

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