View our Designing Dragons competition entries!

13 August 2020


In the July school holidays local illustrator, Lauren Mullinder, inspired us with her drawing dragons tutorials and her creating creatures workshop. We ran a drawing competition for the best dragon or creature, and these are the amazing entries we received.

If you would like to learn how to draw your own dragon, you can follow Lauren Mullinder’s video tutorials online via our YouTube channel or see below.


Local illustrator, Lauren Mullinder, has created a drawing masterclass for you to design and perfect your own dragon or creature. 


Watch and draw along with the three Drawing Dragons videos below.  There are some templates available for the videos that can be downloaded here - Dragon-Drawover-Sheets1.jpg(JPG, 550KB) and Dragon-Drawover-Sheets2.jpg(JPG, 543KB) .




We had a fantastic time in the workshop. Check out Lauren's website for future workshops, videos and her amazing gallery.