Citizen of the Year Awards 2022

Published on 18 October 2021


Every year across South Australia, we celebrate the achievements and contributions of outstanding members of our local community through the Citizen of the Year Awards. These exceptional individuals inspire us to get involved and build community connections.

The Citizen of the Year Awards are an opportunity to recognise someone who makes a difference in their community in four major award categories:

Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year Awards

These two awards acknowledge the most outstanding Citizen or Young Citizen for the local government area. These individuals have:

• Made a significant contribution to the community

• Been an inspirational role model for the Australian community

• Demonstrated the impact an individual’s contribution has had on the local community.

Community Event of the Year Award

This award goes to the person (or group) who staged the most outstanding community event during the year. The criteria involve an evaluation of:

▪ The quality of the work for the event

▪ The scope of impact the work has had on the local area

▪ The event’s contribution to the community.

Active Citizenship Award

The fourth award category recognises a person (or group) delivering outstanding work on an event or project during the past year. The selection criteria for this award includes consideration of:

▪ The person (or group) who has demonstrated leadership in and for the community

▪ The person (or group’s) involvement in the community

▪ The scope of impact the person or group’s work has had on the community.

If you know someone who deserves to be considered for an award, please nominate them before 24 November 2021.

For further details and to nominate, please visit the Citizen of the Year website.