Council's Draft Cultural Plan is open for feedback

Published on 07 April 2021

crowd smiling watching street performance

Arts and culture play a significant role in fulfilling the lives and identities of a community and contribute to a vibrant and economically viable City. A well-planned and delivered cultural plan can improve our community’s wellbeing and create new connections and experiences.

The Draft Cultural Plan 2021-2026 outlines Council’s commitment to cultural development in our City, critical in shaping a healthy, vital culture and community.

The Draft Cultural Plan 2021-2026 considers current initiatives and future opportunities. 

Let us know which cultural themes and key actions you value in the Draft Cultural Plan 2021-2026. Please read the Draft Plan and complete our survey by Monday 26 April.

Revealed through previous community consultation, this Cultural Plan proposes a program of cultural activities that are grouped under five themes:

  1. The Culture of Us
  2. The Culture of Place
  3. The Culture of Creativity
  4. The Culture of Knowledge
  5. The Culture of the Future.

Please complete the survey below

Please read the Draft Cultural Plan 2021-2026 and complete the survey below. No registration is required to participate. Your feedback will provide an opportunity to make improvements to the Plan.