Keep up to date on the suburbs affected by fruit fly outbreak

Published on 16 April 2021


When fruit fly is found, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) establishes a red outbreak area and a yellow suspension area around the detection site.

Several City of Unley suburbs have recently been declared as inside fruit fly outbreak areas, and there has been an extension in Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak announced by PIRSA for the Black Forest area and other suburbs within Unley, including (parts of) Colonel Light Gardens, Cumberland Park, Daw Park, Hawthorn, Lower Mitcham, Torrens Park, Unley Park and Westbourne Park.

Please check the latest map of extended areas  to see if your street is affected.

Check to find out if the suburb you are living or working is in the outbreak area, and what you need to do.

If you live in the area, visit to understand the restrictions in place where you live, work or go to school.

Continue to enjoy SA fruit and vegetables, but know the restrictions on moving them around.

 Ensure you know what you need to do if you live or work in the red outbreak area:

  • Once purchased or picked, fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly can’t leave your property
  • Check your fruit for fruit fly and report anything unusual to 1300 666 010
  • Clean up over-ripe or fallen fruit and place in your green bin (do not compost)
  • Use up leftover fruit - eat, cook, juice or preserve it
  • Allow PIRSA access to your garden.

 If you discover that you live within a red or yellow area, visit the Fruit Fly Outbreak restrictions web page to find out what to do. 

The impact of fruit fly outbreaks is in your hands.

Red outbreak areas

  • Fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly can’t move from your property – once purchased or picked, they cannot move around.
  • You can bring fruit and vegetables into a red area from a yellow or a green area, but they cannot be taken out. You must eat and dispose of them in the red area.
  • Fruit waste needs to be put in your green bin – not composted. If you do not have a kerbside green bin service, seal in an airtight plastic bag and contact the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010 to arrange collection.
Yellow suspension areas
  • Yellow areas are suspension areas.
  • You can move fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly within the yellow area.
  • You can’t take this type of fruit and veg into the green area.
  • If you take this type of fruit and veg into a red area, you must not take it out again.
Green areas
  • Green areas are not affected by fruit fly.
  • If you are in a green area there are no restrictions while you are inside the area.
  • If you take any fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly into a red or yellow area, you must not bring them out of this area. You must eat and dispose of them in the red or yellow area.

Please continue to use your kitchen caddy and place fruit and vegetable scraps in your green bin. Rest assured, the processing of organics collected from affected suburbs follows state guidelines.

PIRSA is releasing ninety million sterile fruit flies throughout April and May, which will breed with remaining wild flies as part of an eradication program.

They will do this with low-level flights using a small Piper Seneca aircraft, which will be flying over all affected metropolitan areas of Adelaide, so don't be alarmed when you see this happening.

Thank you for doing your part in protecting South Australia from fruit fly!