Going Green in Goodwood trial ending

Published on 23 April 2021

person placing compost bag into green bin

Over the last 6 months, selected households and businesses in the Goodwood area have taken part in a weekly green bin collection trial.

The last extra collection date is Tuesday 27 April. The normal, fortnightly collection will resume from Tuesday 4 May.

Over the last 6 months, KESAB conducted behind-the-scenes inspections of the additional bins on three random occasions. We hope you find these statistics* of interest.

  • An average of 174 households presented a green bin on the additional collection week. Food scraps were visible in 70% of these.
  • Of green bins with visible food scraps, 83% were using bio-bags to contain their food scraps – we are thrilled to see so many households using these compostable bags.
  • 20% of households presenting a green bin did not put their blue bin out for collection – this is great to see.
  • 20% of blue bins presented were estimated to be less than 30% full.

Thank you to those who have participated. We look forward to sharing more trial results with you when available.

*Summary statistics are expressed as an average over the three inspection dates.