New parking controls for e-scooters

Published on 24 August 2022


In February, Unley introduced a trial of e-scooters, offering a new alternative mode of transport across our city, one which could potentially replace short trips by other vehicles. Council voted in July 2022 to extend the initial six-month trial period until mid-February 2023.

Representations to Council and elected members indicated that the most common concern our residents and businesses had about e-scooters was poor parking, especially in streets with narrower footpaths where they could obstruct pedestrian movements and present a tripping hazard.

We considered all feedback from our residents – both those in support and those against - and have listened to those concerns.

Council is now introducing a trial of an area-wide No Parking Zone in the Parkside area bounded by Fullarton Road, Greenhill Road, George Street, Duthy Street and Wattle Street. The trial commences on Monday 29 August. 

The aim of the trial will be to continue to increase e-scooter ridership, while reducing the number of scattered and poorly parked e-scooters impacting on pedestrian safety and accessibility. If this area wide No Parking Zone trial is successful, it may be rolled out more broadly across the Unley area.

We have produced a detailed map that shows where Council has currently installed e-scooter No Parking Zones, as well as the locations of designated e-scooter preferred parking areas and e-scooter exclusion and go-slow (10km/h) zones.

Our primary concern is the amenity, safety, and welfare of all our residents. We want to ensure that e-scooters do not present any danger or inconvenience to our community, that their users are considerate in where - and how - they park and ride e-scooters - and that riders abide by the road rules.

You can find more information about the e-scooter trial and parking trial, including contact details for both e-scooter companies, here on our website.