E-Scooter safety and responsible parking

Published on 16 May 2022


There have been recent incidents reported in the media where pedestrians have been struck by riders not paying attention or riding carelessly, and we want to avoid this occurring in Unley.

Of key concern to Council staff are those reports we receive about riders not parking the e-scooters sensibly and leaving them across footpaths, where they present a potential hazard to residents.

E-scooter operator Neuron are partnering with the Australian Road Safety Foundation during May to explore community views about their use, emphasising that proper use of these transport devices will improve safety for everyone.

Responsible use means not only maintaining safe distances from other walkers and cyclists on shared-use routes, but also sensible parking, so that e-scooters are not left obstructing footpaths and walkways.

If you do see a poorly parked e-scooter blocking a footpath, contact the operator to ensure this is rectified quickly. All complaints sent direct to both companies are provided to Council every month, so Council is aware of all issues reported.

There are some short, light-hearted videos which have been made to illustrate these issues and outline what e-scooter users should do to make our streets safer for everyone.

Access and watch the Traffic Jam, Time Machine or Guide Dogs clips to learn more.