Unley Maps

Welcome to the City of Unley’s online mapping system. 

Unley Maps allows you to view property information, planning zones, asset infrastructure and historic and current aerial imagery within the City of Unley. We have created a variety of themed maps for different viewing purposes.

Themed Maps

Unley 3D

Unley 3D

Discover every corner of the City of Unley through an interactive 3D model application.

Unley 3D offers both a 3D Model and a High Resolution 3D Model with real-time shadows cast over buildings and trees.

While Unley 3D illustrates the location of important sites and public facilities within the City, it is also purposed to assist architects and building designers to develop and refine building proposals in a simulated real-world environment; to assist in the assessment of development applications and be used as a public consultation tool to assist in visualising the City's built environment.

View the Unley 3D Map.

  • Access & System Requirements

    Unley 3D is available for public access. Please be aware that you will be streaming significant amounts of data and the responsiveness will depend on the speed of your internet connection. The data usage may also have implications on your internet plan’s download usage and limit restrictions.
    System Requirements
    A Web Browser that supports WebGL
    The following web browsers:

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 11 and  later*
    • Edge*
    • Safari and later*

    The following mobile support:

    • iOS: iPhone 5 and later (Safari browser)
    • Android: Samsung S7 and later
    • Other mobile phones: Minimum of 2GB of RAM.

    *The WebGL implementation in this browser is not optimised for memory intensive applications and it may not work reliably.