Living Young

A 2015-2017 action plan for our young people.
Our Vision: Young people are supported to shape the City of Unley and engage with us about the things that matter to them.

Change Makers

Change Makers logo

Change Makers is about creating a community of young people who are able and passionate about creating the future they want to see. They believe that a small group of people with a big idea who commit to taking action can make a difference. They understand more can be achieved when they work with and learn from those who have gone down a similar path. While they acknowledge it is a competitive world, they are excited that there has never been more opportunity to leverage resources to sustain their action.

  • The Goal
    Ideas for change could take the form of starting up a social enterprise or business, a contemporary sporting, lifestyle, health, art, culture club or a community group. Whatever the big idea, it will aim to affect positive and sustained environmental, or health and wellbeing, or financial, economic and social outcomes. Change Makers builds on the success of the 2016 City of Unley Fish Tank Competition which helped launch a local example of positive social change, Taboo.
  • The Plan
    Change Makers is a 13-week adventure in Becoming the Change that begins January 15, 2018. In the first 5 weeks, Change Maker Teams will learn to apply the 9 step business model canvas to their idea (watch the example video below) through interactive workshops, and pitch for $1000 seed money. In the next 8 weeks, a mentor very experienced in business and entrepreneurship will guide them to help make their idea for positive social change a reality.

  • The Ideas
    We are excited for the 4 sets of Change Makers that are currently taking part in the workshop, learning to apply the 9 step business model to their social innovations which include:
    • A school-based workshop package to encourage greater participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths for students in year 6 - 10
    • Improving the biodiversity of the Mt Lofty region through a plant-pairing program
    • A wine industry social enterprise raising funds to help address domestic violence
    • An ugly fruit and vegetable delivery service to reduce food waste.