Community Bus

Door to Door Service

The Community Bus Service is a door to door service to popular destinations in the City of Unley and surrounds. The service is provided by volunteers and coordinated by City of Unley staff. The service is a gold coin donation for the two way trip.

Passengers are required to register for the Community Bus Service. This registration will secure you a seat on the services you choose on a regular basis, and you will only need to call the Community Bus Coordinator to cancel. If you are unsure of your ability to book a regular service, please get in contact and staff can make a casual booking for you.

You can register by phoning the Community Bus Coordinator on 8372 5131.

Please note, as of 15 January 2018 the Fixed Route bus service ceased and was replaced with increased door to door services.

  • Timetable
    Day Time Destination Frequency
    Daily 9am – 12.30pm Unley Central  
      11.30am – 2.30pm Unley Central  
    Monday 8.30am – 12.30pm Gaganis Bros First Monday of the month
      9am – 12.30pm Goodwood Central  
    Tuesday 9am – 2.30pm Fullarton Park Community Centre  
      1 – 3pm Unley Central  
    Wednesday 9am – 1pm Mitcham/ Burnside/ Big W/ Marion Once a week in rotation
    Thursday 9 – 11.30am Unley Swimming Centre  
      9am – 1pm Arkaba Central  
      1 – 3pm Unley Central  
    Friday 10am – 12.30pm Castle Plaza  
    Saturday 9am – 1pm Unley Central Once a fortnight on pension week
    Please note these services are subject to demand and may change. Places are limited. Pick up and return times are approximate.

    Arkaba Central
    Arkaba Hotel, Arkaba Shopping Centre, Frewville Foodland.

    Gaganis Bros
    Bulk foods and households goods store, with specialty Greek and Mediterranean foods.

    Goodwood Central
    Goodwood Community Centre, Goodwood Library, IGA and other local traders.

    Unley Central
    Unley Library, Unley Community Centre, Unley Museum.
  • Occasional Services
    Book directly for each occasion with the Community Bus Coordinator on 8372 5131.

    Classic Movies
    Unley Community Centre screens a classic movie on the fourth Monday of the month, complete with a nutritious and inexpensive meal.

    Out & About Tours
    Join us as we explore beyond the City borders once a month. For people who enjoy day trips with others. Bookings open 2 weeks prior to the tour date. Contact the Community Bus Coordinator for a program on 8372 5131.
  • Eligibility

    This service is intended for residents living in the City of Unley with priority given to people who are transport disadvantaged, frail aged, or have a disability. Residents must be able to board the bus independently and without assistance at the destination.

  • Accessibility
    Volunteer helpers are on the bus to assist passengers to get on and off the bus, to fold walking frames, and assist passengers with shopping bags. The helper will also phone you to let you know the bus is close to your home and/or knock on your door when the bus has arrived. There is no need to wait outside for the bus.

    We have wheelchair accessible buses in our fleet.

    At time of registration, you will be asked if you have accessibility requirements or health considerations for staff to take into account.
  • Shopping Bags

    Passengers must have the ability to carry their own bags. Due to storage on the bus, shopping bags are strictly limited to two per person.

  • Further Information

    For more information please phone the Community Bus Coordinator on 8372 5131.

    The Unley Community Bus is funded by the City of Unley and driven by trained and accredited volunteers.

    A Charter Hire Service is available to community and not-for-profit organisations. For further information phone 8372 5131.

Community Transport Courtesy Car


Goodwood Community Bank - branch of Bendigo Bank provides a courtesy car free of charge to the City of Unley. Volunteer drivers use the car as part of the Community Transport Program, supporting Unley council residents who are transport disadvantaged. The service is available Monday to Friday, and offers transport assistance to eligible Unley residents to attend medical appointments, health related appointments and some Social Inclusion activities within the City of Unley.

Transport assistance is available to CHSP eligible residents living in the City of Unley. If you, or someone you know, would like to be involved in this program a My Aged Care (MAC) referral is required. Please contact MAC on 1800 200 422. Alternatively, phone the City of Unley on 8372 5111.

The Goodwood Community Bank-branch of Bendigo Bank is about community for the community. 50 per cent of their profit goes back to the community, such as provision of this car. Visit the Goodwood Community Bank website for information on the support they offer or phone 8357 7702.

Sharrow Symbols

Road users across Unley will notice the installation of shared lane markings, known as ‘sharrows’, on our streets.

Sharrows are designed to help motorists and cyclists safely share and navigate streets. The sharrows show cyclists where they need to turn to follow a route, encourages cycling within the lane (helping to keep cyclists away from car doors and parked vehicles) and informs motorists of the likely presence of cyclists.
Council has installed these symbols in approximately 150 streets along our bike routes.
  • Can I park next to sharrows?

    Yes, the presence of sharrow symbols does not mean you are not allowed to parallel park on that road. Please be mindful of parking restrictions and check nearby signage.

  • Can I drive my car down a road with sharrow symbols?

    Yes, sharrows are not bike lanes and are not exclusive for cyclists to ride on. A road marked by sharrows is shared by both motorist and cyclists and the symbols help remind all users to keep an eye out for each other.

Unley Bicycle User Group

The Unley Bicycle User Group (UBUG) is a contact group for those who cycle or wish to cycle in Unley. UBUG are dedicated to making Unley a place where walking and cycling is an enjoyable, safer, and more effective transport option.

To find out more, visit the Unley Bicycle User Group’s webpage.

Transport Planning

Transport planning involves determining what transport network our community wants and how to achieve it, whilst finding a balance between competing regional transport demands and the protection and enhancement of local amenity and accessibility.
The Unley Integrated Transport Strategy is the overarching transport strategy that sets out objectives, programs, targets, and outcomes for our transport network.

Below the Unley Integrated Transport Strategy sits the Walking and Cycling Plan and Local Area Traffic Management studies, which aim to deliver the objectives of the UITS through specific projects.

Transport projects undertaken each year generally are a result of this planning and the documents below may help to provide additional context for the projects and what they are trying to achieve.
Local Area Traffic Management Study Technical Report Council Minutes / Recommendations
Unley, Goodwood, Wayville Concept Plan Report September 2016
Black Forest Final Report March 2014
Forestville and Everard Park Concept Report August 2015