Strategic Planning

Executive Management Team

Peter Tsokas

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Wood

Acting General Manager
City Development

  • Depot Operations
  • Property Assets
  • City Development
  • Asset Management
Megan Berghuis

General Manager
City Services

  • Community Wellbeing
  • Libraries, Museum & Customer Experience
  • Development & Regulatory Services
Nicola Tinning

General Manager
Business Support & Improvement

  • Finance
  • Business Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Culture & Business Capability
Tami Norman

Executive Manager
Office of the CEO

  • Communications
  • Governance
  • Records Management
  • Risk Management

Community & Strategic 4 Year Plans

The Community Plan provides the vision, strategies and framework for the City of Unley's future. The Community Plan for the City of Unley is an opportunity to identify, reflect on and envision the priorities for our City over the next 20 years.

Community Plan 2033 | A Community of Possibilities

The Strategic 4 Year Plan outlines how we will deliver the vision, strategies and framework set out in the Community Plan 2033.

Long Term Financial Plan

The long term financial plan aims to:
  • Support the delivery of the Community Plan and its objectives
  • Be used as an aid in financial decision making to ensure the Council remains financial sustainable
  • Assist in the development of the Annual Business Plan and Budgets each year by providing high level parameters and financial targets

Fees & Charges

Fees and charges are administered for a range of services and facilities. Some fees and charges are discretionary, where the Council is free to determine the charge, and some are statutory or by-law controlled.

We review discretionary fees and charges as part of our annual budget process.
Fees and Charges 2017-18
Local Government Fees & Charges set by Statute 2017-18

Procurement & Contracts

Procurement is the process by which Council engages with suppliers to purchase goods and services, or supply of essential services.

  • Procurement Methods

    Dependent on the need, Council manages procurement by different methods:

    • Request for Tender (RFT) – a formal offer open to the public to bid for the supply of specified goods, services or works, under specified terms. Open market.
    • Expression of Interest (EOI) – a formal invitation to prospective suppliers to provide information and opinions on the methodologies of meeting a specific need. Limited market.
    • Selective Engagement – this approach is used where knowledge of the marketplace exists, with a specified number of representative suppliers invited to tender. Selective market.
  • Procurement Principles

    Procurement Principles that underpin procurement activities:

    • Value for Money
    • Open and Fair Competition
    • Ethical Behaviour and Fair Treatment
    • Risk Management
    • Professional Integrity and Probity
    • Compliance with Statutory Obligations
    • Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability
    • Financial Responsibility.
  • How to Apply
    Council’s tenders and contracts are listed on the SA Tenders and Contracts website, the central source for public procurement opportunities within South Australia.

    Please consider the City of Unley Procurement Policy when applying for tenders and contracts.