Greening Verges

Greening Verges

Council encourages residents to take ownership of their verge areas and boundary strips as this enhances our streetscapes and the kerb appeal of residences throughout the City.

In addition to extra greenery, landscaping a verge contributes in many positive ways to your street by:
  • providing a healthier environment for street trees
  • softening the effect of hard surfaces such as roads and footpaths
  • improving air quality
  • working at natural air conditioners through moisture in leaves
  • reducing stormwater run-off, and
  • providing habitat for small creatures like bees and butterflies.

First steps to greening your verge

  1. Read our Verges Planting Guide for ideas and suggestions on planting your verge.
  2. If you currently have dolomite that needs to be removed and replaced with soil, decide if you plan to complete this work yourself, engage a landscape contractor or have City of Unley complete the work for a fee subject to a quote.
  3. Prior to starting any works, fill in an Alter a Public Road Application Form and tick the create nature strip box.
Please note, even though verges are classified as part of a public road under the Local Government Act 1999, and as such are owned by Council, your property can benefit directly from improved kerb appeal in your street. 

Display Verges

Our display verges at Edmund Avenue showcase a variety of plants and treatments that you could use to transform your verge into an attractive garden feature.

Take a stroll down Edmund Avenue, Unley and be inspired by contemporary, cottage, natural and formal layout examples, including different path ideas. All meet the guidelines of safe plant choices and low plant heights to ensure good sight lines for road users.

Unley Verges Planting Guide

The Unley Verges Planting Guide provides planning advice, landscaping rules, garden design ideas and plant suggestions for greening your nature strip.

Please read this guide carefully to make sure your project will not inadvertently harm street trees or other users of the area.

Planting Guidelines Summary
  1. Plantings are to be kept lower than 600mm in height to ensure adequate vision for vehicles entering and leaving driveways.
  2. Inform Council if you are planning on installing irrigation to the verge. The pipework will need to go under the footpath and Council will need to be aware in advance
  3. Locate underground services like pipes and cables before undertaking any type of works involving digging in the ground. Contact Dial before You Dig on 1100 before you start.
  4. During landscaping works, special consideration should be given to preserving the vital root system of any trees within the verge.
  5. Keep tools and other items off the road and footpath to prevent passers-by from tripping on them. The area must be kept safe at all times.
  6. To prevent stormwater pollution, materials such as soil or mulch must be swept up from hard surfaces such as the footpath and gutter.
  7. After planting it will be your responsibility to care for your new verge garden. Keep them watered, free from weeds and pruned if they start spreading too high or onto the footpath.