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Funding Adds New Features to Unley’s Parks

Mayor Michael Hewitson said although the popular initiative was no longer running, the Unley community had benefited significantly with additions to local parks.
‘I know our residents in Unley value safe, walkable neighbourhoods, with inviting places to exercise or just relax. The concepts which received funding have improved the appeal and functionality of recreational spaces in our City’ the Mayor said.
One of the successful projects is a newly created play space at Heywood Park based on the popular television franchise Australian Ninja Warrior. The Mini Ninja course in Heywood Park features custom-built components in a challenging array of obstacles for people to jump, climb and swing on.
The Mini Ninja play space is aimed at engaging ‘tweens’ between 10-14 years.
This age group is one identified as needing more stimulation to get involved in exercise and to encourage more physical activity away from computer screens.
‘This is a great new attraction offering a unique experience for visitors of all ages. While it’s designed with young people in mind, I’d encourage mums and dads to have a go at the course too. Council is about to release an app for mobile devices so everyone can test themselves on the equipment and register their best times on a leader board, adding a fun dimension with a competitive edge’ said Mayor Hewitson.
Goodwood’s Community Centre led another project which received funding, used to upgrade Goodwood Greenspace for a range of physical activities. The makeover enhanced the play areas, created a ‘nature-play nook’ with an edible garden, with more plantings and easier movement through the park’s recreational spaces.
Recycled bricks and gravel footpaths now frame its newly greened areas, and a centrally placed shed was removed and rebuilt for aesthetic reasons. A ‘Party in the Park’ launch was held to celebrate the reopening of the Goodwood Greenspace.
Soutar Park also received funding for an upgrade which provides better connection between the reserve’s existing facilities and a new range of outdoor fitness activities which help people maintain strength and improve balance, mixed with ‘nature play’ elements where people can reconnect with the natural environment.
Council collaborated with local residents to develop a concept plan and budget, and this public consultation ensured the project met the community’s vision.
Mayor Hewitson said ‘I do think it’s a pity that the Fund My Neighbourhood grant scheme was wound up, because Councils can’t always find the funds to do all the things the community wants us to.’
‘But I’m very pleased with the outcomes we have seen in these projects. The City of Unley has benefited from this funding and worked with its community to make improvements to our public parks that all residents and visitors can enjoy.’