Our Brand

Council requires clear, consistent, unambiguous messages that brand and position our corporate image.

A cohesive style strengthens the integrity of our brand and ensures that all messages can be easily accepted and understood.

Brand Values

  • Our corporate image

    The City of Unley’s corporate image is a visual representation of our brand. Our corporate image is the public face of our work and one of the measures by which we are evaluated by the public. A strong corporate image builds our audiences’ understanding and respect for what we do.

  • Our positioning statement

    The positioning statement provides the foundations on which to build a strong brand. It reinforces the City of Unley’s brand values and tells our audience our focus.

    City of Villages
    City of Villages acknowledges our past and our future. It tells our audience that we are a vibrant city that grew out of a series of villages. It is an expression that reveals the City of Unley possesses all the excitement and opportunity of a big city whilst proudly retaining the strong community values of village life.

    By consistently communicating our positioning statement we will effectively build our brand. Where possible, communication should include our positioning statement to bring the City of Unley’s brand values to life.
  • Our vision statement

    A Community of Possibilities
    We live in an era of constant change. This means the ways in which we support our community must also keep changing to meet new demands.

    The City of Unley looks to the future and considers possibilities, whilst maintaining and sustaining all that we hold dear and relevant from the past.

    We are a community of growth and possibilities.

    We are innovative leaders who challenge ourselves to make positive changes for our community.

Our Logo

Colour logo
The City of Unley logo is to be reproduced in full colour, whenever possible.

Monochrome black logo
When the logo is reproduced on one colour, black is to be used.

Reversed logo
The logo can be reversed in white out of a strong contrasting colour.
To request eps files, or to seek permission to use the above files please email communications@unley.sa.gov.au

The above files may only be used with permission from the City of Unley and in accordance with the correct usage guidelines provided on this website and in the City of Unley Visual Style Guide.
  • Colours
    Colour is an important element for the recognition and consistency of the City of Unley logo. The following colour guidelines must be maintained.

  • Minimum size & exclusion zone
    Master logo
    Minimum size
    It is important that all parts of the logo can be easily read.
    The minimum size that the master logo can be reproduced is 20mm x 13mm.

    Exclusion zone
    To protect the integrity and impact of the logo, a clear-space zone has been created. No other graphic element or complex backgrounds can be situated inside this space.

    The unit of measure equals the 
    width of the leaf graphic. The exclusion area requires that there is a unit of measure to the left, right, top and bottom of the logo.

    Extra small logo
    This version that does not include the "The City of" text, can only be used when the logo appears at less than 13mm high.

    The minimum size that the extra small logo can be reproduced is 10mm x 6.8mm

    The same exclusion zone applies to the extra small logo.

  • Backgrounds
    Reversed logo
    Ensure the background colour provides enough contrast to be easily read.

    Monochrome logo
    For use on white/light backgrounds when the full colour logo is not an option.

    Image backgrounds
    The logo should only be placed on clear, uncluttered image backgrounds. It should be reversed out in white. If the logo needs to be used in colour, then a white panel should be placed over the image to hold the logo.
  • Co-branding
    The City of Unley logo may be appear with other logos. Placement and size is flexible depending on the co-branding hierarchy.

    Position preference will usually be the bottom right corner of marketing materials, however this should be discussed with the Communications Officer.

Our Colours

  • Corporate colours
    Blue is the main colour used in City of Unley corporate materials with light grey and dark grey used as accent colours.

  • Secondary colours
    Draw from these colours wherever possible. Tints of these colours can also be used as accent or highlight colours, if required.

    Additional colours
    Other colours can be used if required. Colours should be selected to ensure a cohesive, integrated visual presentation eg select colours from imagery.
  • Web colours

Our Fonts

  • Primary font
    Univers Condensed is used as the primary font for all City of Unley publications.
    It is used in the various weights and styles as shown below.
    The minimum size of body text is 11pt.

  • Secondary or highlight font
    Other fonts can be used to add personality to a document.

    Secondary and highlight fonts 
    are generally used for headings. These should be used sparingly and only when appropriate.
  • Web fonts
  • Icon fonts
    Icons assist in conveying and interpreting information. They can be used with or without accompanying text, depending on requirements.

    The City of Unley uses 
    two icon fonts. Linearicons is generally used on printed items and Icomoon for online communications. If a suitable icon is not available within either of these font sets then it can be sourced elsewhere as long as it is consistent with existing icon styles.


Accessibility for people with disability and low-literacy is to be considered in the production of all materials.

Colour contrast between the font colour and the background both on the web and in print can impact those with a visual impairment. If there is not sufficient contrast the text is harder to distinguish.

Use high-contrast colours for text and background. Good examples are black or dark blue on a white or yellow background, or white/yellow text on a black/dark blue background.

Font size
For general correspondence a minimum font size of 12pt is recommended. For professionally designed materials a minimum font size of 10pt can be used as long as easy readability is maintained.

Materials designed specifically for those with visual impairments should use a minimum font size of 16pt.

Design Elements

  • Rounded corners
    Rounded corners are used as a design element in City of Unley publications. They should be used only where appropriate.

    The radius of the corners should be 5mm.

  • Tables
    An example of a table style that is typical of our corporate publications is shown below.

  • Photography
    Photography is an important part of the Unley brand.
    All photography should be professional and of high quality. Images should clearly convey the project message in a simple and direct style. The mood should be natural, positive, friendly and fun.
    Supply of images
    Images are to be supplied as final shots, not proofs for selection. Clearly indicate what the images are eg name of subject, project or where photographed etc, along with the photographers name and contact details.
    Images can be supplied using:
    • File transfer via We Transfer
    • On CD or USB delivered to City of Unley (181 Unley Road, Unley)
    Images should be supplied at 300dpi jpegs or TIFFS.
    Permission to use images
    In all cases the City of Unley requires the photographer to assign unlimited and unrestricted permission to use the images for the specified project and all other City of Unley promotion, communication and marketing materials.
    Talent release forms (available from Council’s Communications Officer) should be completed when photographing the community, especially children.

Writing Style

The City of Unley Writing Style Guide promotes a consistent writing style in all City of Unley documents in order to create a cohesive style of branding that is easily accepted and understood.
View the Writing Style Guide.