Council Assessment Panel

The City of Unley Council Assessment Panel (formerly known as the Development Assessment Panel or DAP) is an autonomous planning authority and operates under the Terms of Reference assigned by the City of Unley Council Policy 1.1.05 established in accordance with the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act.

The Council Assessment Panel (CAP) considers development applications and makes planning decisions. The current membership of the City of Unley Council Assessment Panel consists of the five members.

The Council Assessment Panel is convened under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act . This means that:
  • It is not convened under the Local Government Act
  • It is not a subcommittee of the Unley Council

Panel Members

Members of the Panel for the period 2017-2019 are:

  • Mr Brenton Burman (Presiding Member)
  • Mr Roger Freeman 
  • Mrs Ann Nelson
  • Ms Nicole Dent
  • Mr Rufus Salaman (Elected Member)
  • Ms Jennifer Boisvert (Deputy Member)*
*Will only act if Elected Member is unable to attend Panel meeting

Agendas & Minutes

Meetings of the Council Assessment Panel are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Agendas for Council Assessment Panel meetings are available two working days before CAP meetings.

Minutes taken at the meeting are available within four working days.

Agendas & Minutes
Name Date
CAP Minutes July 2018
CAP Agenda July 2018
CAP Minutes June 2018
CAP Agenda June 2018
Special CAP Minutes May 2018
Special CAP Agenda May 2018
CAP Minutes May 2018
CAP Agenda May 2018
CAP Minutes April 2018
CAP Agenda April 2018
CAP Minutes March 2018
CAP Agenda March 2018
CAP Minutes February 2018
CAP Agenda February 2018
CAP Minutes January 2018
CAP Agenda January 2018
CAP Minutes - December 2017
CAP Agenda - December 2017
CAP Minutes - November 2017
CAP Agenda - November 2017
CAP Minutes - October 2017
CAP Agenda - October 2017
DAP Minutes - September 2017
DAP Agenda - September 2017
DAP Minutes - August 2017
DAP Agenda - August 2017
DAP Minutes - July 2017