Arts & Culture

We are proud of our rich and creative traditions, practices and aspirations in arts and culture, which reflect, shape and challenge our personal and community identities.

If you are an artist, performer or community organisation interested in arts and culture in your local community, please contact the Cultural Development Officer, Matthew Ives on 8372 5134 or email

SALA in Unley

Maggie Cecchin SALA painting

Artist: Maggie Cecchin
Winner: SALA Festival City of Unley Active Ageing Award 2019.


Welcome to 2020 SALA in Unley. We’ve been going for 15 years!

Discover art in a local gallery, shop, business or studio. Discover emerging artists, established artists, community groups, visual art, sculptures, ceramics, photography, mixed media, and much more.

South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival runs throughout August, showcasing South Australia's visual artists' talent and creativity. The SALA Festival celebrates local community and diversity.

Over the past 14 years, SALA in Unley has boasted more venues and artists than any other metropolitan region and continues to maintain its popularity. This year we are looking for even more venues to come on board.

  • Register as a SALA Venue

    For information about becoming a SALA venue please contact Matthew Ives or any of our local trader associations. Venue registrations are open now and close 13 May.

  • Register as an Artist

    Our traders and businesses are always looking for artists to show work in their space. If you are an artist interested in exhibiting your work, you can register to participate in SALA 2020 until 11 May.

  • Register for the SALA Artists Registration Subsidy Scheme

    The City of Unley has established a SALA Artists Registration Subsidy Scheme for artists exhibiting in the City of Unley area. This scheme acknowledges the role that artists and local venues play in the cultural life of the council area. Subsidies of up to $125 are available to assist individuals and groups with the cost of registering for the SALA Festival.

    Subsidies will be provided to artists who are: 

    • Residents of the City of Unley who are exhibiting either in or outside of the Council area 
    • Artists exhibiting within the City of Unley.

    Subsidies will only be provided for costs associated with registrations for SALA. Multiple applications may be considered. 

    The closing date for applications will be 15 May 2020. Exact allocation of subsidies will be dependent upon the number of applications received. 

    Applications to:

    Matthew Ives, Cultural Development Coordinator 
    PO Box 1 
    Unley SA 5061 

    For applications using an ABN, include a copy of the SALA Artist Registration Subsidy Scheme.
    If you do not have an ABN you will need to complete the statement by supplier form.

  • City of Unley Active Ageing Award

    This award is for artists over the age of 60 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the City of Unley’s involvement with SALA and its commitment to promoting and supporting an active ageing approach. Prize consists of $2,000 cash and an exhibition space in Unley for SALA 2020.

    This award is open to any resident of South Australia. For more information visit SALA Festival.

All Connections to Unley Art Prize

Park Pair by Emma Young

Judges have selected ‘Park Pair’ by Emma Young as the winning work for the $5,000 All Connections to Unley Art Prize 2019.

The City of Unley invited South Australian artists, of all ages and career stages, to create artworks for entry to the All Connections to Unley Art Prize. The prize is for works to the theme of connection to the City of Unley.

Along with the major prize of $5,000 presented to the overall winner, there will be an Elected Members Choice Award of $500 to be awarded to the finalist selected by the City of Unley's Elected Members at the conclusion of exhibition.
The judging panel, made up of Alice Clanachan of the Art Gallery of South Australia, Peter Hughes, Councillor for Fullarton Ward and Matthew Ives, City of Unley’s Cultural Development Officer, selected the finalists to be exhibited at the Hughes Gallery, Fullarton. 

Congratulations to Emma Young, who was announced as the overall winner at the finalist exhibition launch on Friday 7 June 2019.
The winning artwork will be reproduced as posters on public bins and limited-edition bin stickers will be available to City of Unley residents.


Echo Public Art Project

Echo is a permanent public art project for the City of Unley by artist Jason Sims. It is located in Heywood Park, Unley Park near the southern side intersection of King William Road and Northgate Street.
Echo is a large-scale geometric sculpture that will use the properties of light and reflection to create a simple illusion of space and form. As described by Jason:
"Echo was designed to reflect and respond to its environment, both serving as a vehicle for contemplation and encouraging play. While its dynamic geometric form contrasts with the surrounding natural environment, it also embraces the unique properties of Heywood Park: the work's copper skin transforming in response to the elements, and its mirrored interior reflecting and re-presenting its surrounds."


"Creating a kaleidoscope within, the illusion of space at the core of the work is intended to play with perception and invite interaction."
Echo has a significant presence and impact which has the potential to become an iconic public artwork. It has been designed to reflect the value the Council places on community, heritage and the environment, and thus provide a unique, creative and cultural expression of Unley.
The playful, interactive nature of the work ensures it will be accessible and engaging for all age groups and reflects the City's focus on community and the park's role as a communal space designed to support health and wellness.

It will foster connectedness, requiring two or more people, one in the role of player and the other viewer, to enjoy elements of its interactive nature and has the potential to become a 'selfie spot' that becomes iconic to Unley and beloved by locals. Echo will significantly contribute to the park's renewed appeal and vibrancy, as well as increasing awareness and enjoyment of public art.

Echo builds upon a growing amount of high quality and well respected artworks in the public realm commissioned by the City of Unley. It is the most significant and largest artwork Council has commissioned to date.

Echo has already been recognised as the most significant large scale piece of public art in 2019 in South Australia with the award of funding from Arts South Australia. This Major Commission funding is only given for one project per year.

Echo is the final public arts commission as part of Council's five year Involve Unley: Public Arts Strategy.


Post It

125th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in South Australia

The City of Unley is commemorating and celebrating the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in South Australia. In 1894, South Australia was the first electorate in Australia to give equal political rights to both women and men, a huge step toward gender equality.

The “Unley Women of Influence, Past and Present” is a temporary art display on Goodwood Road. We asked our community to nominate an Unley Women of Influence from the past and present, to be recognised and celebrated through this unique exhibition.

The selected images are now on display on unique banner poles along Goodwood Road.

View detailed documentation on our project page.

Arts In Your Space


Arts in Your Space is a series of six diverse and unique public arts projects and one of many public arts initiatives commissioned across the Council area.

The project—instrumental in reviving interest for art in public spaces—encouraged selected artists to re-consider highly visible locations in Unley as cultural canvases.

Around almost every corner you’ll find colourful and engaging artworks that have been carefully designed and created to positively impact the cultural, social and physical fabric of the City of Unley.

Arts in Your Space was supported by a public art and design grant from Arts South Australia.

View detailed documentation of all the projects: Unley Colour Court, This time another year, The Beehives of Goodwood, Ways of Walking, Poolside and This way and that way on our project page.

Discover Historic Goodwood

Discover Historic Goodwood is a free self-guided walking tour app, which will take you on a journey of Goodwood like no other before. 
Discover Historic Goodwood will walk you through the strange and intriguing stories of people and buildings past and present along Goodwood Road. Take a leisurely tour to visit 14 stops, listen to stories by local people, view historical photographs and discover the history behind each place.
Earlier this year we asked our community to share their stories of Goodwood with the assistance of Open Space Contemporary Arts and various artists. Ten of these stories are included in the text, photographic and audio tour.
Fourteen pavers entitled Discover Historic Goodwood, manufactured by Smart Artisans, help guide you round the trail.

  • Download the App

    Go to the App Store on your phone, download izi.TRAVEL and work your way through the introduction until you get to 'all guides' at the bottom of the screen to reveal Discover Historic Goodwood.

  • Historic Walking Trails in Unley

    Discover Historic Goodwood is part of an ongoing series of historic walking trails, including Discover Historic Unley which was launched in 2014 and the Unley Road Traders’ Business History Makers in 2016. 

    More information on these can be found at the Unley Museum at 80 Edmund Avenue, Unley.

  • Acknowledgements

    We say thank you all in our community who participated in this project.

    Discover Historic Goodwood is a collaboration between Open Space Contemporary Arts, Alyssa Hill Consulting, Smart Artisans, the vibrant Goodwood community and the City of Unley.
    Project management: City of Unley and Open Space Contemporary Arts
    Historical content and images: Unley Museum
    Story collectors: Emma Beech and Susie Skinner
    Sound design: Jason Sweeney
    App management: Alyssa Hill Consulting
    Streetscape pavers: Smart Artesans

Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade Art Projects

Four new public arts projects are on display along Goodwood Road. The projects are part of the 2017 Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade. Over 15 artists and numerous community individuals and organisations have contributed to shaping and producing these artworks.

All contributors and creatives worked under the guiding principle that the artworks should reflect the character of the Goodwood Road Precinct by being colourful, accessible, casual, surprising, engaging, welcoming, social and playful/whimsical.
The City of Unley wishes to acknowledge the professional assistance provided by Brecknock Consulting, Groundplay and Jensen Planning and Design throughout this project.

View detailed documentation on all the artworks on our project page.

Photos: Sam Oster/ Silvertrace

Past Projects & Galleries

Discover arts projects and events recently held in the City of Unley.
  • Public Arts Strategy

    Our Involve Unley Public Arts Strategy seeks to set a new example of how public arts can be conceived, developed, implemented and sustained. The Strategy provides directions for the commissioning of public arts that are creative, relevant and contemporary and also increase awareness, as well as complement the qualities and values of the City of Unley.

    Since 2014/15, Involve Unley Public Arts Strategy has created a program of public arts commissioning and support, which stimulates thinking, invites interaction, celebrates diversity, allows for contemplation and even questions our assumptions.

    This Strategy includes:

    • Objectives, principles and types of art that will underpin the delivery of public arts over the next five years
    • Actions and pilot projects involving different types of public arts
    • The City of Unley Public Arts Policy

    For further information, please contact the Cultural Development Coordinator on 8372 5134 or email

    Public Arts Strategy

  • SALA in Unley | 2019

    Artists: Chris Webb (L) & Rosina Possingham (R).


    Welcome to SALA in Unley.

    Discover art in a local gallery, shop, business or studio. Discover emerging artists, established artists, community groups, visual art, sculptures, ceramics, photography, mixed media, and much more.

    South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival runs throughout August, showcasing South Australia's visual artists' talent and creativity. The SALA Festival celebrates local community and diversity.

    Over the past 14 years, SALA in Unley has boasted as many venues and artists as any other metropolitan region and continues to maintain its popularity.

    This year more than 30 venues in the area hosted a myriad of artists in all different mediums.

    The City of Unley has proudly supported more than 20 artists with registration subsidies this year.

    To celebrate our long association with SALA Festival and to promote our Active Ageing Strategy, we have sponsored our fourth Active Ageing SALA award. This year's winner Maggie Cecchin will be exhibiting at the Hughes Gallery next year as part of her prize including $2,000.

    For more detail about this year’s SALA or future opportunities in the arts and culture space, please contact Matthew Ives, Cultural Development Coordinator, on 8372 5134 or email

  • Emerging Art Walls | 2016

    The Emerging Art Walls project is an ongoing street art initiative which aims to enliven and enhance spaces around the City of Unley and create a strong feeling of identity, community pride and ownership.

    In 2015, the community were asked to nominate walls or infrastructure suitable for murals .These artworks were completed in late 2016. The themes for the murals range from our role in guarding nature, the relationship between the natural and built worlds and local community members.

    Lead Artist: Seb Humphreys
    Artists: Buff Dis, Jimmy Dodd, Kab101, Order55, Thom Buchanan, Vans the Omega
    Photos and moving images: Sam Roberts and Rumpus Room Studio

    Emerging Art Walls was proudly sponsored by Crowies Paints.
    Crowies Paints Logo

  • Four Elements Public Art Rejuvenation Project | 2016
    Four Elements is a public art work on the Unley Village Green by John Davis, created in 1980. The artwork references and celebrates the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire and has been enjoyed by many local residents, families and school children. It has become an iconic piece of public art in Unley. In 2016 it was rejuvenated and re-expressed by Greg Healey, who added additional features to the artwork such as a soundscape that references running water and a visual representation of water made of steel.
    Lead Artist: Greg Healey
    Collaborators: Sandpit (experiential design firm) and Hugo Mount (stonemason)
    Photos:  Silvertrace Photography by Samantha Oster
  • All Connections to Unley Art Prize | 2016

    All Connections to Unley Art Prize was offered for the first time in 2016. South Australian artists, young people and children were invited to create artworks drawing on their personal connection to the City of Unley. Entries were open to artworks in two dimensional mediums, including painting, photography, drawing, printmaking, collage and new media.

    ​In May 2016, the finalists and winners in each of the categories were presented in an exhibition at the Hughes Gallery, Fullarton Park Community Centre. The finalists were selected by the judging panels to be at the highest level of the entry collective. These artists were selected based on technique, creativity and engagement with the theme of “All Connections to Unley”. Karen Paris has curated this exhibition.

    On Friday 6 May at the Hughes Gallery, Mayor Lachlan Clyne presented the prizes to the winners.

    Open Category: Peter Barnes

    Prize: $5,000

     Peter Barnes - God & Mammon photograph
    God & Mammon - Inkjet print on Canson Baryta Photographique

    Youth Category: Emma

    Prize: $1,000 plus mentorship or short course (value $500)

     Emma - Suburban Fairy Tale watercolour
    Suburban Fairy-tale - Watercolour


    Children Category: Yike

    Prize: $500 worth of art making materials

     Yike - The Purple Unley watercolour
    The Purple Unley - Watercolour

    People's Choice: Sarah McDonald
    Art School at Sunset Fullarton Park Centre
    The Art School at Sunset, Fullarton Park Centre – Oil on linen

    The artworks of the winners in each of the categories have been reproduced on selected public bins across the City of Unley. Now a limited edition sticker set for residents’ blue bins is available to Unley residents. Phone Customer Service on 8372 5111 to get hold of your set.

  • Interactive Dance Play at Mud Central | April 2016
    Mud Central was a large family event held at Ridge Park, Myrtle Bank in April 2016 and attended by approximately 4,000 children and parents. The event aimed to encourage children and their families to connect, be creative and play with nature and in this case, mud! The artists used music, dance and performance to inspire mud play, contemplation and hands-on learning.
    Artists: Billie Cook, Cinzia Schincariol, Katerina Stevens
    Creative Producer: Billie Cook
    Photos: Silvertrace Photography by Samantha Oster
  • Found, out | May 2015
    Found, out was an investigative and experiential temporary public arts project about re-discovering and re-connecting with our local parks and reserves.

    Over two weekends in May 2015 at Soutar Park and Everard Park Reserve, local people came together as artists and explorers with professional artists to work together to imagine, contribute, and slowly transform the park with collective sculptures. Using the medium of clay and found flora from gardens, parks and reserves, people created their own work and placed them in their favourite places!

    Artists: Morag Cook, Sarah-Jane Cook and Kim ShanahanCreative
    Producer: Morag Cook
    Photos and moving images: Ben Searcy
  • Linger, longer | April 2015
    This public arts project was an artistic collaboration between the City of Unley, Dario Vacirca and artists Emma Beech, Erin Fowler, Josephine Were, Maya Sollier and El Pablo from Open Space.

    Linger, longer was an investigative and experiential temporary public arts project re-examining our place in space.

    It involved installations, theatre, dance and creative engagement to take participants on a shared journey exploring their common spaces.

    Linger, longer was part of the first year of exciting and innovative public arts projects linked to Involve Unley – Public Arts Strategy. Linger, longer tested and experimented with temporary public arts to educate, inform, facilitate and collaborate in a new way of engaging with our community through the expression of the arts. Diverse art forms were used to bring our public realm to life.

    For more information on this project, please contact Matthew Ives Cultural Development Coordinator
  • Coffee, Tea & Poetry | 2014
    Once upon a time, instead of going to the movies or watching TV, people would gather to listen to someone tell a story or recite a poem. This was a custom that celebrated the beauty of the spoken word and engaged the community. The City of Unley brought the oral storytelling tradition back to life by presenting live poetry performances in local Cafés.

    In 2014, in the lead up to Double Shot Unley Coffee Fiesta, five local cafes hosted performance poets working in their spaces for around two hours. Writing, reading, performing and chatting - residents were invited to meet, listen to and drink with professional poets.

    Participating cafes were:
    • By Blackbird Coffee and Dessert Cafe, Shop 4, 100 King William Road, Hyde Park
    • Hyde Park Bakery, 1 Mitchell Street, Hyde Park
    • Pellegrini Café, 169 Unley Road, Unley
    • Lunch Club, Unley Shopping Centre, Unley Road
    • Carnevale Coffee 114 East Avenue, Clarence Park

    This project is an initiative of The City of Unley’s Where Business Meets Art project in conjunction with Friendly Street Poets and SA Writers Centre.

    For all enquiries, please contact Matthew Ives email or phone 8372 5134.
  • Footstomping, Fables & Film
    Heywood Park was brought alive with Footstomping, Fables and Film. The biggest of the Summer Outdoor Entertainment events included live music from local bands Cold Comfort, The Timbers and Prawnhead, a wonderful Splash Theatre Company performance of Mr Badger: Wind in the Willows, food and beverages provided by Fuji Rolls and Great Relish Organic Coffee and our lovely writer in residence, Lilliana Rose. The afternoon was topped off with the community settling into a Road Movie Mobile Cinema Screening of Disney Pixar animation Brave.