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Come in, have a seat, this is where you'll find a good book, hear about a great film, and find some tools to locate that next great read. Keep an eye out as the Lounge is going to expand.

If you have any book reviews, or suggestions for the Readers Lounge, don't hesitate to drop us a line via email , phone 8372 5100, or visit us in the Libraries and let us know. if you've found a great book, movie or resource, we'd love to hear about it.


Unley Libraries has a substantial collection of fiction and nonfiction eBooks, magazines, audiobooks and music to download. We also have access to online encyclopedias and specialist resources.
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New to the Libraries

Looking for new items added to our library? Here are some lists linked directly to our catalogue to help you out.
New Adult Fiction
Looking for the latest stories added to the collection? Find them here.
New Adult Non-fiction
All the science, travel, sport, the new books about and how to do things.
New Adult DVDs and Blu-rays
Latest films, documentaries and television series added to the collection.
New Adult Large Print
Both fiction and non-fiction with print easier to read.
Hot Speed Reads
These are our most popular items.
Hot Speed Reads are a special collection with special conditions of loan:
  • No reservations, if it is on the shelf, you can borrow it.
  • 10 day loan - if the item is not returned by the due date, an immediate $5 fine will be placed on your card, and another $5 fine will be added every 10 days you have the book.
  • One Hot Speed Read per card.
These conditions are in place to ensure a rapid turnover of items so many patrons can read the popular items fast, without having to wait on long reservation queues. However, if you prefer not to borrow the Hot Speed Read edition, for every HSR in the collection there another copy in the catalogue available for normal loan.
All New Unley Libraries items
Everything new in our collection added in the last 30 days.

Check this out!

Are you ever stuck on knowing what you want to read next? Is hunting down a good book a daunting task? Can't find a good movie? Want to know what television series to tackle next? Is there never enough time?

This is the place for you. Here you will find lists of recommendations, author lists, award lists, books and movies staff have enjoyed and tools to help you find that next good experience. 
What to read next - Who else writes like....?
Have you read everything by your favourite author and want to find something else to read? Check out Who Else Writes Like...? It provides lists of authors and recommendations of authors who have a similar writing style or genre. Expand your reading horizons and give it a go!
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'Everyone needs a good book. Good Reading Magazine helps readers around the country find the best and most interesting books to read from decorated and breakout writers from here and around the globe. Since 2001 we’ve been at the forefront of Australian literary critique, playing guide to millions of readers. If you’re in search of good books to read, look no further than the pages of our magazine.

One of Australia’s most prominent book review websites, we deliver independent critique, review and insight for book worms across the country. We go beyond the bestseller’s list, helping you discover the hidden gems that too frequently slip past. Take out a subscription today and gain fresh insight into the book world, all the while knowing you’re supporting Australian books and writers.'


Unley Libraries has a developing bookshelf on Goodreads. Here we can share our staff and our community's reviews to help you find that next great read. If you are a member of Goodreads feel free to friend us.

Unley' Libraries' Goodreads

Water for Elephants
really liked itstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
tagged: book-club-sets and favorites
The Invention of Wings
really liked itstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
Tuesday Fullarton Book Club 4.5/5 Beautiful writing style - engaging the reader - descriptive and captivating. Story of slavery in the deep south and the emergence of feminism. Even more powerful as it is based on the true story of the G...
tagged: book-club-sets and favorites
A Foreign Affair   A Passionate Life In Four Languages
liked itstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
Goodwood Mums Book Club 2.5/5 Easy to read and enjoyable, a biography giving an interesting insight into a very different life in the 1950s, which was at times quite glamorous and sophisticated. It was a time when airline travel was new...
tagged: book-club-sets
All the Light We Cannot See
really liked itstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
Book Club Review: 4.5/5 stars We all agreed that this has been one of the most enjoyable book club novels we have read. We loved the way the writer followed the stories through for all the characters. The characters were easily identifi...
tagged: book-club-sets
Apple Tree Yard
star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
tagged: book-club-sets
Autumn Laing
star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
tagged: book-club-sets
really liked itstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
Cha Cha Book Club 4/5 The author was surprisingly engaging through creating empathy for the main character and his family. His use of confronting imagery of the nature of personal relationships and class were engaging and thought provok...
tagged: book-club-sets
Black Dust Dancing
star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
tagged: book-club-sets
The Book of Negroes
star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
tagged: book-club-sets
star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
tagged: book-club-sets