Street Cleansing Service

Keeping the precinct, streets, and footways clean is more than an aesthetic consideration; it is an important part in managing our impact on the environment. 

Cleansing Locations

The Street Cleansing Service includes the cleaning and/or sweeping of:

  • Roads and laneways
  • Key precinct areas
  • Footways and shared paths
  • Side Entry Pits (SEP’s)
  • Car parks, bus stops and tennis courts
  • Community events

Streets in the City of Unley are classified as arterial, collector or local and are allocated a cyclic cleansing program in accordance with their traffic volume.

Climate and seasonal changes; including heavy leaf fall periods, adverse hot weather and high winds may vary the frequency and sequence of each of the programs.

The City of Unley continues to provide a reactive level of service for urgent customer requests. The response time of these requests are based on location and risk.

To submit a request, please contact us on 8372 5111.

Street Sweeping

An overview of each of the services is provided below.

  • Arterial Roads

    The arterial roads are the main roads that bound or run through the City. Duthy Street, George Street and King William Road have been classified as arterial roads due to their traffic volumes.

    Arterial roads are swept on a fortnightly cyclic program and include:

    • Unley Road
    • King William Road
    • Cross Road
    • Fullarton Road
    • Goodwood Road
    • South Road
    • Anzac Highway
    • Glen Osmond Road
    • Greenhill Road
    • George Street
    • Duthy Street
  • Collector Roads

    The collector roads are streets that connect key areas of the City. While they still have a high use they do not have the level of traffic volume experienced by the arterial classification of roads.

    Collector Roads are swept on a 3-week cyclic program and include:

    • East Avenue
    • Mitchell Street
    • Park Street
    • Wattle Street
    • Fisher Street
    • Ferguson Avenue
    • Leader Street
    • Leah Street
    • Victoria Avenue
    • Victoria Street
    • Arthur Street
    • Northgate Street (between Unley Road and Victoria Avenue)
  • Local Roads

    Local roads cover all the remaining streets and laneways that are used by vehicles within the City.

    Local roads are swept on a 6-week cyclic program and are swept in order by suburb.  These include:

    • Everard Park
    • Forestville
    • Wayville
    • Goodwood
    • Unley
    • Parkside
    • Fullarton
    • Black Forest
    • Clarence Park
    • Millswood
    • Kings Park
    • Hyde Park
    • Unley Park
    • Malvern
    • Highgate
    • Myrtle Bank

Heavy Leaf Fall Programs

Heavy leaf falls occur up to approximately nine months of the year, over the autumn, summer and spring seasons. During these periods of heavy leaf fall, there are about 70 streets that require extra cleaning to remove debris and litter.

The program generally runs between December and July of each year depending on weather conditions. 

Council will only clear debris from Council trees, not trees on private property. If you rake any leaves/debris up, please place them in your green bin.

As required, roads are swept additionally throughout this period in order by suburb.

  • Forestville
    • Charles Street
    • Leader Street
    • Second Avenue
  • Wayville
    • Rose Terrace
    • Joslin Street
    • Clarke Street
    • Davenport Terrace
    • Palmerston Road
    • Young Street
  • Goodwood
    • King William Road
    • Ophir Street
  • Unley
    • Oxford Terrace
    • Frederick Street
    • Marion Street
    • Boothby Crescent
    • Cleland Avenue
    • Thomas Street
    • Arthur Street
    • Langham Terrace
  • Parkside
    • Jaffery Street
    • Windsor Street
    • Regent Street
  • Fullarton
    • Medway Street
    • Fisher Street
    • Tennant Street
    • Pickering Avenue
  • Black Forest
    • Grey Street
  • Clarence Park
    • Birkdale Avenue
    • Culley Street
    • Avondale Street
  • Millswood
    • Goodwood Road
    • Victoria Street
    • Chelmsford Avenue
    • Northbrooke Avenue
    • Jarvis Street
    • Andrew Avenue
    • Graham Avenue
    • Wood Street
    • Regent Street
    • Hatherly Avenue
    • Mitchell Street
    • Varden Terrace
  • Kings Park
    • Lambeth Walk
    • Jellicoe Avenue
    • Seymour Avenue
    • Ningana Avenue
    • Valmai Avenue
  • Hyde Park
    • Commercial Road
    • Westall Street
    • Harley Court
    • Hague Street
  • Unley Park
    • Victoria Avenue
    • Northgate Street
    • Northgate Street East End
    • Rutland Avenue
    • Elm Street
    • Whistler Avenue
    • Heywood Avenue
    • Cedar Avenue
    • Thornber Street
    • Grove Street
    • Glen Avenue
    • Nanthea Terrace
    • Ashleigh Grove
    • Bellevue Place
    • View Street
    • Miegunyah Avenue
  • Malvern
    • Sheffield Street
    • Marlborough Street
    • Winchester Street
    • Dover Street
    • Fisher Street
    • Cheltenham Street
    • Eton Street
    • Cremorne Street
    • Clifton Street
  • Myrtle Bank
    • Urrbrae Avenue
    • Ferguson Avenue
    • Sedgeford Road
    • Rossington Avenue
    • Culross Avenue
    • Washington Avenue
    • Hexham Avenue
    • Glenrowen Avenue