Unley News

SA Power Networks undertake Vegetation Clearance in Unley

The City of Unley has been notified that SA Power Networks is currently undertaking a Vegetation Clearance program across the Council area, scheduled to be completed at the end of April 2019.
The Vegetation Clearance program will focus on the pruning of street trees around powerlines in accordance with SA Power Networks’ legislative obligation to minimise the risk of electricity outages.
Council has long been committed to neighbourhood amenity and responsible environmental management, particularly with respect to the Council’s urban forest. Though Council does not have jurisdiction on this matter, we have lobbied SA Power Networks in line with this ongoing commitment, asking that they undertake operations in the most tree sensitive way possible to preserve the beautiful tree-lined character of our City.
For further information on the tree trimming program undertaken by SA Power Networks, visit their Vegetation around Powerlines webpage.
If you have any queries or concerns with tree pruning in your street, please contact SA Power Networks in the first instance on 13 12 61, visit the SA Power Networks website or email customerrelations@sapowernetworks.com.au