Unley News

Heywood Park to turn into a Digital Fantasy Land

To celebrate Parks Week in the City of Unley, Heywood Park will be transformed into a Magical Park from Saturday 4 March to Sunday 12 March.

Magical Park is an immersive reality game for children aged 6 to 11, aimed at encouraging families to get outdoors and use their local parks in new and exciting ways.

Games take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. They’re a great way to combine fun with exercise, as the kids will cover between 700m and 2km as they uncover the wonders of Magical Park.

While the kids have fun, parents will be pleased to know that their data privacy is respected and there is no in-game advertising.

There are two fun fantasy worlds to play in, Augmentia and Dino Land.

How to play:
  • Grab your iPhone, iPad or android device (check compatibility and internet requirements)
  • Download the free app - log on to the Google Play store or Apple App Store and search ‘Magical Park’. 
  • Head to our Magical Park location Heywood Park, Addiscombe Place, Unley Park, between 4-12 March and
  • Have fun discovering a new magical land!