Unley News

Your Property Valuation

Each year, the Valuer-General of South Australia independently and objectively determines site and capital values for every rateable property in the state. Your property valuation may increase or decrease depending on physical changes to your property and the market, as demonstrated by sales evidence.

The Valuer General has commenced a state-wide Revaluation Initiative to improve the accuracy of the General Valuation. The City of Unley was selected by the Valuer General to be one of the first council areas to be revalued. As a project of this magnitude has not occurred for over 20 years, this review has resulted in increases to property values for 2019-2020 due to several influential factors including rezoning and redevelopment changes over time.

Some values have increased or decreased due to this project and Unley Council is conscious of pressures of increased cost and have tried to manage the impact this project has had on its ratepayers.

Please note Council will not financially benefit from the Valuer General Revaluation Project. The City of Unley has adopted a total rate increase of 2.25% and it will not collect any more than that from its ratepayers.

When you receive your rates notice, if you disagree with the revised value of your property, or you would like more information, please contact the State Valuation Office on 1300 653 345 or alternatively, contact Land Services on 8423 5000 between 9am to 5pm.

Alternatively, you may lodge a written objection within 60 days following receipt of the first rates notice. Further information regarding property valuations and the objection process is available on the Office of the Valuer General website.