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Pocket Parks Pilot Program

This exciting pilot initiative aims to work with residents and business owners to create enhancement of these areas as part of an initiative for safer, more connected and more pleasant places for people.

The establishment of Pocket Parks across Unley builds on traffic strategies of the past, which closed several streets to deter rat-running. These under utilised road closures create an opportunity to enhance the green character of Unley’s streets, provide safer connections and a place for residents to pause and connect.
What is the Pocket Parks Pilot Program?
We have established the ‘Pocket Parks Pilot Program’ to work with residents and businesses to create safer, greener pocket parks. This is key to defining a safe, connected and pleasant street network that can enhance accessibility and lifestyle within the City of Unley.
Have Your Say
Council has selected six existing road closures along Duthy Street and has prepared a survey to understand the level of support for the ‘Pocket Parks Pilot Program’. For more details and to complete the survey please visit Your Say Unley.
What’s next
From survey results, Council staff will work with interested residents/businesses to identify local opportunities for change. Once a design has been agreed on, the Pocket Park will then be presented to the Council for future budget consideration and prioritisation.