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Gas mains replacement underway in Unley & Hyde Park

Australian Gas Networks is currently upgrading gas mains in the Unley and Hyde Park areas. 

Please note this is not a Council project, if you have any enquiries please contact Diona Civil Engineering Contractors on 1300 887 360.

What is being done?
Australian Gas Networks is replacing old, high-maintenance gas mains with a new pipe which meets the required standard. This involves excavation, the installation of a new pipeline and the backfilling and reinstatement of the footpath and road.  The gas mains upgrade will provide a more reliable gas supply for the community and reduce the possibility of leaks.  APA Management Service and its Contractor will endeavour to minimise the impact of this work on the community and council infrastructure.

Who is doing the works?
APA Management Services is managing the gas upgrade on behalf of Australia Gas Networks.  APA has in turn appointed the contractor DIONA to carry out the works.  The gas upgrade is not a City of Unley project.

When and where will the works be taking place?
The works will be undertaken on King William Road, Arthur Street, Opey Street, Westall Street, Harvey Street and Commercial Road.  Some minor works will also be conducted on a number of side streets.

The works will be undertaken in three stages with all the works in the Unley, Hyde Park areas expected to be completed by June 2017. 

APA has indicated that the works will progress in the following order:

  1. Westall Street and King William Road from Northgate Street to Park / Mitchell Streets. Work has commenced. Anticipating 4 weeks to complete this stage (April)
  2. Arthur Street from Unley Road to King William Road. Anticipate 3 weeks completing this stage (May). Note the works on Arthur Street, between Unley and Mornington Roads, will be completed at night (7pm to 6am).  On Friday 7 April, contractors will commence daytime works on the remaining stretch of Arthur Street, from Mizpah Avenue to King William Road. Contractors will also be working at the eastern end of Arthur Street as they reinstate footpath pavers and roadway bitumen.
  3. King William Road from Young Street to Park Mitchell. Anticipate 5 weeks completing this stage (June).

Most of the works will involve excavating holes on the footpath with some in the roadway depending on where the existing gas pipe is located. Most of the excavated holes will be in line with the resident’s/business’ gas metre and some work may be required within the properties of residents. 

The gas mains located in Arthur Street are situated in the roadway and footpath, therefore traffic restrictions will be in place at times during this stage of the upgrade.
Work will be carried out between 7am and 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Some traffic restrictions may occur when work commences along King William Road. 
Gas Supply
Gas supplies in the area may be turned off temporarily.  In this instance, the contractor will leave a Temporary Interruption To Gas Supply card the day prior to the disconnection advising of the times that the supply will be affected. Please contact the contractor Diona Civil Engineering Contractors if you have any concerns with this gas supplies.

Who to contact
For more information on this project contact Diona Civil Engineering Contractors on 1300 887 360.