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Memorial Fountain Commemorates a Valued Past Member

Last year, the Sturt Bowling Club celebrated the 70th anniversary of its memorial Fountain. To mark the occasion, the club restored the fountain in honour of a past club member.

The fountain was commissioned in 1946 to honour Ted Williams, a highly respected member of the club. Mr Williams, a life member of the club, served as President in 1919, and was a committee member for over 20 years. He sadly passed away in the year of the fountain’s commissioning as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident that happened several weeks earlier.

 The Advertiser, in May 1946, described him as a “tower of strength to the Sturt Club.” The fountain was first located in the driveway entrance to the Bowling Club and was then later moved to a more prominent position, closer to the boundary of Unley Oval.  During 2016, Neville Riddle, a member of the club’s committee, led the restoration of the fountain in order to rekindle its significance.

During the restoration process, Neville came across the story of a Heron bird that would regularly visit the club, and perch itself on top of the fountain.  Club members embraced the visiting bird sign, a natural representation of the memory of Ted.

Club members valued this significance and to acknowledge and celebrate this connection, they commissioned artist Jane Alyce-Humphreys to create a replica ceramic heron bird, which was then installed as a key feature on top of the fountain. The fountain has now been brought back to full operation.  
This project was funded by the club and was completed in time for the club’s 2016 Opening Day, where Lachlan Clyne, Mayor of Unley, was presented with a plaque to acknowledge the restoration work.

Current members of the Sturt Bowling Club are of course very pleased with the restored fountain, which brings a small piece of history back to life in the City of Unley.