Unley News

Update: Fruit Fly Outbreak in the Unley Area

To address the current outbreak of Mediterranean Fruit Fly in the Unley area, Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) will be deploying teams to apply organic bait and remove fallen fruit from properties.

Suburbs affected by the outbreak are:
Clarence Park, Black Forest, Everard Park, Forestville, Kings Park, Highgate, Hyde Park, Fullarton, Unley, Parkside, Myrtle Bank, Unley Park, Millswood and Malvern.

Over the next 12 weeks PIRSA will have teams deployed in the areas applying an organic bait and removing fallen fruit from properties. Until further notice, host fruit cannot be removed from within this area.

All properties within the quarantine zone will be provided with advice on the detection, the eradication process and the quarantine arrangements.  The quarantine zone will remain in place until at least 18 December 2016.

Residents and businesses inside the quarantine area can help to eliminate fruit fly by practising a few simple measures.


  • report any maggots found in fruit or fruiting vegetables immediately to the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010
  • cook or preserve excess fruit and fruiting vegetables.


  • give away or move any fruit or fruiting vegetables, including
  • tomatoes
  • capsicums
  • chillies
  • eggplants
  • feijoas, figs

unless cooked or preserved:

  • leave fruit or fruiting vegetables lying on the ground
  • compost any fruit or fruiting vegetables, including those purchased from a shop

If you have any concerns within our council area, contact the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010  or visit the PIRSA website.