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Heavy Leaf Fall Sweeping Program – Weekend Work

Keeping the precinct, streets and footways clean is more that an aesthetic consideration, it is an important part in managing our impact on the environment.
Over the next 4-6 weeks council will be working on a Saturday morning as per our Heavy Leaf Fall, Sweeping Program.  Council aim to commence sweeping around 8am however there will be circumstances and location where we will need to commence at 7am. 
We understand the impact of early morning noise, particularly on weekends, but hope you appreciate the challenge to manage keeping our streets clean and safe at this time of year.
In relation to start times and noise please be aware Council are exempt from current EPA local nuisance legislation. Local Nuisance and Litter Control Regs Part 2 Section 4 b (iv) (iv) whether, in the case of local nuisance generated by an activity outside of normal business hours, the activity has been so timed to avoid inconvenience to traffic or pedestrians during normal business hours (for example, in the case of early morning rubbish collection, or late-night construction works, in populated or high traffic areas).
Thank you for your cooperation.